10 characters we would like to see in Marvel’s Thunderbolts

wonder recently announced its new franchise team of villains, Love at first sight. With a competing concept DC Suicide SquadThe idea is for a team of Marvel villains to team up to fight enemies, although unlike their DC counterparts, the group usually works together at will.

Although Marvel explained that the idea was still in its infancy, they brought in their director Jake Schreyer, and fans speculated who might be together on the big screen, fighting side by side. Given the analogues of the team of comics and new villains from Marvel TV and movies, there are many options to combine the efforts of villains and antiheroes.

Baron Helmut Zemo

The antagonist who became a difficult ally, Baron Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), made his debut in Captain America: Civil Warbut it was given more depth and individuality Falcon and winter soldier. He is a former colonel of the Sokovo army and a former commander of the elite detachment EKO Scorpion, which is obsessed with destruction avengers after the loss of his family in the events of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Baron Zemo’s history as a military leader made him a skilled tactician; his intellect is unparalleled with an emphasis on language and deception over pure violence. These qualities would make him a key leader in Thunderbolts, and his manipulative tactics make him a convincing and unpredictable character that fans love. Since Zemo created one of the versions of Thunderbolts in Marvel comics, it looks like a guarantee for the film.


Atlas, also known as Eric Stefan Yosten, has not yet appeared in the MCU, but is an integral part of the Thunderbolt comics. He was a loyal soldier of the Zemo family, and instead, with the help of ion rays, Zemo was transformed into a goliath of enormous power with the ability to manipulate his size at will.

Although Atlas is not a man of great intelligence, his strength and endurance make up for it. He is an energy engineer who has had fearless fighting skills since the days of the Marines. Although Abomination is another version of the role of “Hulk” in Team Thunderbolts, Atlas can be an unforgettable addition, which fans have not seen before.

Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine

Countess Valentina Allegro de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) has been seen several times in supporting roles during a new phase of the MCU after recruiting John Walker / US agent in Falcon and winter soldier and entrust the mission to Elena Belova Black widowscenes after captions.

Contessa’s appearance raised many expectations for her role in the MCU, but the comics showed that she is a trained superspy with the ability to penetrate organizations such as Hydra and SHIELD. He is a brilliant marksman who learns hand-to-hand combat. and competes with the Baron’s intellect in strategy and leadership. Given the unfortunate death of Thunder actor Ross William Hurt, Contessa may be the one acting like this band, Nick Fury.

John Walker / US Agent

Supersoldier John Walker (Wyatt Russell) debuted as a character Falcon and winter soldier as the new Captain America, who was quickly fired for killing an alien figure, Nico. Valentina Allegra de Fontaine then used this to recruit and rebrand John Walker as a US agent at the end of the show’s first season.

Like other villains, John Walker is an experienced fighter and archer, but what sets him apart from others is his experience in fighting shields and technology. Since the American agent lost his shield, fans would love to see the blacksmith in action again to see what he has prepared for the MCU. Although Walker made mistakes, he seems to want to do the right thing, and he may view the Thunderbolts as a way to redeem himself.


Ogr is a secret and hidden benefactor of the Thunderbolts. He has not been seen in the MCU yet, but he is a prominent figure in the Thunderbolt comics as a man working on technology for the band.

Although Ogre is not needed by the Thunderbolts combat team, his money, confidence and mechanical knowledge will allow the team to hone their skills and fight with new equipment to further enhance the battle scenes. Ogre in comics has a few fun storyline comic book storylines and cryogenic storage that can be interesting to see on the big screen, all made possible by Dr. Strange’s interdimensional portals.

Elena Belova

Elena Belova (Florence Pew) was brought to the MCU Black widow and played an antagonistic role in Hawk’s eye. Formerly a trained Black Widow, Elena has already found friends and enemies, and is now being recruited by Valentina Allegra of Fontaine for a mysterious organization that pits heroes like Falcon’s Eye against each other.

Fans loved her comedic wit and conversations during her on-screen performances, which positioned her as a long-awaited Thunder Bolts character. She has many abilities, from melee to sniper shooting, but she brings other dangerous skills to the team, such as killing and piloting. However, when Elena discovered that Valentina had misled her in the event Hawk’s eyeit will be interesting to see if she wants to work with her.

Fixer / Techno

Fixer / Techno, Paul Norbert Ebersol, was a scientist who eventually worked as an inventor at Hydra. He was killed and his spirit placed in a robotic body, making him a fearless and invincible warrior and genius engineer, Baron Zemo, who was wanted for the Thunderbolts.

Although his fighting skills are lower than those of most other potential team members, he brings to this table some other attributes that are worth noting. Thanks to its robotic body, it has above-average speed, power and energy, and can create equipment for other team members.


Many fans were disappointed that significant changes were made to Taskmaster Black widow movie. Although most did not worry that the taskmaster would be replaced by Antonia Draykova, there were no signs of wit or attitude of the character. In the film, the taskmaster performed dangerous tasks for the Red Room, but control over the mind did not allow her to speak or express any emotions. However, at the end of the film, she became an ally of Elena Belova.

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Taskmaster is an experienced tactician with photographic reflexes that combines with their already mastered martial arts skills to perfectly replicate any physical activity they see. With their ally in the Black Widow, many fans want to see more interaction between Elena and Taskmaster. We hope that several years have passed since the events Black widowTaskmaster will have more personality and opportunities to express themselves.


Melissa Joan Gold was a sociopathic thief who could knock people off their feet with their loud screams. She worked with her lover, Wrath of the Screamer, until he died in a robbery. While she was sad and at the lowest point of her life, Baron Zemo offered her a place in the Thunderbolts and took the name Singing Bird.

Songbird has not yet appeared in the MCU, but with a fairly narrow range of skills other than voice, she has a common understanding of the crowd, which allows her to be one of the leaders of Thunderbolts with his newfound desire to serve justice. Comic book fans are also excited to see her through her punk rock and wrestling costume, which is perfect for the film.

Hawk’s eye

Falcon’s Eye (Jeremy Renner) was part of the MCU from the beginning, being part of the Avengers and had his own additional show with Kate Bishop and Elena Belova. in Avengers: Finalfans saw Clint Barton’s criminal past and his ability as a watchman for Ronin.

In the comics, Clint Barton was sympathetic to the Thunderbolts because of his background, and first took over the leadership of the team. Clint Barton has extensive knowledge of heroes such as The Avengers, and knows many organizations that threaten the world. Working with the Black Widow, he knows the skills of people like Elena and the Extraordinary. In addition, this film could be the perfect opportunity for Kate Bishop to officially take on the Falcon Eye robe.

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