10 coolest MCU characters according to Ranker

The Marvel cinematic universe is full of interesting and unique characters with many infinitely cool and interesting talents during their many appearances. Whether they are the main Avengers or the little heroes they meet on their way, everyone at MCU can offer something new and different.

The “coolest” in this particular universe may not be the most moral or influential characters, but those with whom fans communicate the most because of their unique personalities. Marvel is good at creating characters that stand out from the crowd, and the Ranker list proves that.

ten rocket raccoon

The rocket was first introduced in the first guardians of the galaxy film, and since then his presence at MCU has become one of the most interesting roles. Voiced by Bradley Cooper, the raccoon says he is a constant source of sharp jokes and sarcastic jokes that always lift the mood.

Although Rocket has so far been used primarily as a source of comic relief, Avengers: Final brings a much more complex and interesting aspect to the character. As the last remaining Guardian, Rocket had to travel through time and save his friends, which made him infinitely cooler.

9 black Panther

T’Challi’s first meeting with the Avengers was extremely chaotic when Prince Wakandan hunted Bucky Barnes in response to his father’s assassination. The character’s journey from there was extremely interesting with many unexpected twists.

Despite the untimely death of lead actor Chadwick Bozeman, Wakanda still has many potential stories to explore. There are many new characters in the Black Panther comics that are not yet in the MCU, so the future of this particular story looks extremely interesting.

8 Captain America

Steve Rogers was an integral part of creating the original Avengers, and the character had some of the most exciting and scary scenes in the entire MCU. From that iconic fight in the glass elevator to the fact that he summoned Thor Mölnir’s hammer, Steve Rogers has undoubtedly gone through extremely difficult times.

As Rogers retired and spent the rest of his life with his love affair, Peggy Carter, the title of Captain America passed to his best friend Sam Wilson. Disney + Falcon and winter soldier showed the audience how wonderful Wilson is in the role and his participation Captain America 4 everyone is interested in the future of the character.

7 Spiderman

Peter Parker quickly became one of the most interesting and compelling characters in the MCU, and it seems that he will play a huge role in the development of the Avengers in the future. Since most of the original Avengers have died or retired, it seems that Spider-Man must support their legacy.

But even outside of his relationship with the Avengers, Spider-Man himself is an extremely cool character. His abilities are extremely unique, his fighting skills are very developed, and his morale is one of the most admirable superheroes.

6 Black widow

Although this required the death of the character, the audience finally got a prequel. Black widow last summer’s film, which added a whole new dimension to the character. Not only could fans see more of her iconic action talent, but the film also showed Natasha’s fun relationship with her brother and sister Elena.

Romanov has been an integral part of the MCU since its introduction iron man 2, where it immediately became clear that she was one of the smartest and most talented fighters in the universe. Since then, it has been one of the Avengers’ most persistent and reliable assets.

5 red witch

Although Wanda did not officially become Aloe’s witch before occupying the West Wanda Vision, it has long been clear that she has some of the strongest and most dangerous abilities of any MCU member.

Although she only played a supporting role in her first two films, Wanda’s role Infinity War and End of the game was key, playing a huge role in the last two battles against Thanos. It was during these fights (and his subsequent auxiliary show) that the scope of his powers really became clear.

4 Iron Man

There is no denying that Tony Stark is one of the main characters in the MCU, and he is also one of the funniest and most interesting. His sarcastic attitude and clever sense of humor always make his scenes hilarious, and his dynamics with other Avengers are just as appealing.

Many fans believe that Robert Downey Jr. was that absolute the perfect cast for this role, now the actor becomes almost inseparable from the character he embodied. His absence from the MCU is already noticeable, but his legacy will play a big role for many years to come.

3 strange doctor

Dr. Stephen Strange demonstrates the perfect charismatic arrogance and ingenuity to make him one of the coolest characters in the MCU, and his unique abilities make him much more real. He is one of the few characters who has access to magic, which makes his fights much more interesting and exciting than most others.

There are many fascinating comic book stories about Dr. Strange that could be properly adapted to the MCU, giving the character exciting future potential. He is easily one of the most powerful superheroes, and the scenes in which he appears are always fascinating.

2 Loki

Although Loki started out as a villain, Loki had one of the most challenging character arcs of all at MCU. From the first days of his existence as an ally of Thanos in search of conquest of the Earth, he eventually met his partner in the hands of the same Titan in a heroic act of disobedience, and then returned after VAT snatched him from the Flow of Time.

For all three Torus In the movies, Loki was one of the most famous characters. Whether he is a friend or an enemy, one thing is for sure, his scenes will never be boring. You can never be sure what is going on in his head, forcing him to constantly appear one step ahead.

1 Torus

Of the six original Avengers, it is probably Thor who has traveled the most challenging and thoughtful journey in the entire MCU. During his many adventures, the Prince of Asgard struggled with the loss of his mother, father, brother and the entire planet.

Infinity War was a huge turning point for the character as he demonstrated his recently used abilities Torus: Ragnarok develop deadly weapons capable of killing Thanos. His arrival at the final battle of Wakanda is called by many fans one of the coolest scenes in the entire franchise.

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