10 Good Reasons to Quit Cancer

Did you listen to our advice about meeting Cancer, but fell in love several times, which made you regret your choice? We help you. Warning: the editors are not responsible for disputes between couples or even indefinite breaks. And if you were born under the sign of the crab, now is the time to ask yourself.

1. They overprotect you

You like The Guardian and Kevin Costner, you don’t. However, you did not plan to meet with the equivalent of a presidential bodyguard. In addition to having a threaded and bulletproof shell, the zodiac crab willingly spreads it to its surroundings. In astrology, the sign is associated with the moon, the archetype of a gentle, caring, but fiercely protective parental figure. Understand: if you do not put kibosh very quickly, you will quickly live under glass.

2. They change the mood like shirts

If you thought that Gemini was changeable like the wind, we regret to say that the couple is worse than intellectual contradiction: the emotional weather vane, which is a sign of Cancer. And it is not surprising when you are ruled by the moon, which has as many phases per month as the state of mind per day in Cancer. The latter are emotional sponges, where Pisces allows you to admire the flow of your feelings and where Scorpio buries everything inside before overflowing.

3. They cook too much seafood

And marine products in general. Sardines in summer, oysters in winter, a variety of fish all year round and dried seaweed everywhere. In six months you will want the paella to exist. After a year of living together, all your clothes will smell like frying. And if you are Leo, Taurus or Libra, you know this is a serious problem.

4. They are (really) very family

Family for Cancer is sacred. Their trimmed cord is as thick as a mooring rope. Again, the moon attaches great importance to the space mollusk theme of childhood and family. For better and for worse. That’s why you will hear about every small or big childhood trauma from the first date. Similarly, according to Cancer, they are never guilty, except for their grandmother. This does not prevent them from spending all their Sundays with their families, which in itself is reason enough to raise the curtain.

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5. Their anger knows no bounds

The list of claims they have almost all over the world is so long that they decided to write it down in a document on their phone instead of writing it down. The water sign associated with the moon, the celestial crab also carries the theme of memory. Add to this the cyclical nature of their character in connection with the lunar phases, and you get a burst of images every 28th day of the month. In short, they do not forget anything and forgive only on the card. After careful selection and a jury consisting exclusively of them and their cats.

6. They do not leave the house

Cancers have a thousand qualities that make them home fairies: they cook well, bake well, always have a neat, clean and cozy apartment, and are experts in cozy playlists. That is why they never want to go outside: “Why go out when you are so comfortable inside? Their idea of ​​the perfect date? Siesta. Asking them to go on a weekend means that someone else will have to take care of the basilisk and the cat: in other words, it is an unbearable idea for Cancer. If you are a Sagittarius who craves open spaces, this will be a point of no return.

7. They complain a lot

And all the time. You are almost certain that you heard him growl, that his coffee was cold at night, between two snores. When you met his family and heard his mother call him Calimero, you laughed. In a few months much less.

8. They are nostalgic in advance

At first, his love for the 80’s and the fact that he wears the clothes of his parents (or even grandparents) will soften you. But that was before the devilish analogue of this Cancer personality trait was discovered. Nostalgic, crabs are overly nostalgic and sometimes even forward. They will tell you in the middle of your romantic vacation how happy they are to share this moment, “before one of us dies, or worse, betrays the other.”

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9. They do not throw anything away

This is one of the many side effects of their nostalgic temperament, as well as their (though magical) tendency to give objects a soul. Even of their own free will. This split wooden spoon? This is the first one they bought when they moved themselves: it could not be thrown away. Of course, this also includes all the objects that remind him of his family, pets and, even more annoying, ex.

10. They eat and buy on emotions

Their favorite candidate from Ko Lanta was kicked out after the betrayal, and your partner Cancer did the wrong thing: finish all the leftovers planned for the week, as well as your favorite chocolate. That could be the end of it, but the budget for a “vacation for two” also suffered from about half a dozen fluffy slippers. And in astrological terms there is a reason: Cancer is 50% – emotions, 50% – salt water. So it’s fatal, they’re one of those people who eats up their emotions and overheats a bank card when they’re overcrowded.

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