10 main winter activities in Val Thorens

Val Thorens is one of the most famous ski resorts in the French Alps for a snow holiday. The highest resort in Europe, it guarantees extraordinary snow cover. There you can go skiing in all forms and much more, both for young people and for adults. Here are the top 10 winter activities in Val Thorens. Guaranteed sensations!

1 – Skiing

The highest point of the 3 valleys zone, the largest ski area in the world with more than 600 km of slopes, Val Thorens is the best place for skiing. 99% of the ski slopes in Val Thorens-Orelle are at an altitude of more than 2000 m, which guarantees excellent snow conditions and skiing pleasure. 39% of the slopes are blue and 33% are red, making Val Thorens a place for the whole family.

In Val Thorens you can go skiing, as well as freeride and ski touring for fans of off-piste skiing. In partnership with the Dynafit brand, Val Thorens has thought of beginners by creating marked and safe ski slopes.

2 – Icefall

Have you ever climbed an icefall? No? From December to mid-March, depending on snow and temperature conditions, Val Thorens offers you this opportunity. It is not necessary to be an experienced rock climber, even if good physical training is still recommended.

Ready for the challenge? The mountain guides will provide you with the appropriate equipment, helmet, crampons, harness and ice axes so that you can attack the icefall.

© C.Ducruet – Val Thorens tourist office

3 – Dog sledding

Dog sledding is one of the most meaningful and enriching experiences I’ve had in winter. Contact with dogs is simply “amazing”, as the Americans would say. Even without driving a team, the satisfaction is immense. Just wrap up well and enjoy the moment. Activity from 2 years.

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4 – fatbike on snow

Fatbike, you know? Created in the 2000s, the “fat bike” is, in a sense, a mountain bike that, thanks to its big tires, really goes anywhere: snow, mud, or sand.

In Val Thorens, accompanied by a professional instructor, you can go to the ski slopes before nightfall, when all skiers return to their hotels.

© T. Loubere – Val Thorens Tourist Office

5 – Hiking in the snow

Several options are available in Val Thorens:

  • Take a walk on one of the resort’s hiking trails: it’s easy and you can do it with your dog
  • Cani rando: This is a hike where you are pulled by a dog. From the age of 7 in Val Torrance
  • Snowshoeing: in the company of a mountain professional, you can explore the unmarked sectors around the Val Thorens resort.

6 – Paragliding

The view of Val Thorens from the sky is what paragliding allows, not to mention the insane pleasure of flying over the snow-capped mountains and the incredible feeling of freedom that paragliding gives. Guaranteed sensations!

Val Thorens has two formulas:

  • A short flight from the Boismint chairlift
  • A long flight from the top of the Funitel de Péclet
© T. Loubere – Val Thorens Tourist Office

7 – Diving under the ice

Have you ever dived in turquoise water at 27°C? Yes, and you liked it! Forget about impressions, and ice diving gives many other sensations. The activity takes place on the Lac du Loux lake at an altitude of 2005 m and is intended for divers with experience and in good physical condition. This is an extraordinary adventure.

© A.Parant – Val Thorens Tourist Office

8 – Zipline

From the top of the Boucher chairlift in the Orel ski area, get ready for 1 minute 45 minutes of intense thrills on the Val Thorens zip line.

Suspended on a steel rope for 1,300 m, you will pass the 100 km/h mark like a peregrine falcon.

Would you like to fly together? Try the La BE double zip line. Satisfaction guaranteed!

© C. Cattin – Val Thorens Tourist Office

9 – Sledding

Sledge, banal? Vice versa…

Get ready for an incredible and fun time. The Cosmojet in Val Thorens is the longest toboggan run in France. You descend over 6 km through a natural valley from the foot of the Pekle Glacier at an altitude of 3,000 m.

And we go for 45 minutes of skating!

A class available for ages 5 and up that adults will also enjoy.

© Tourist Office Val Thorens

10 – Snake glitter

Snake Gliss is a sled that folds together to form a snake. Departure is from the top of the Funitel de Péclet after a day of skiing. Fun activity for ages 7 and up. Laughter is guaranteed!

What do you think of my suggestion of 10 essential winter activities in Val Thorens? Have you tested one? Sprat? What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments.

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