10 MCU characters to appear in the series

Finally, Marvel Studios has finally announced this daredevil will be restarted on Disney +. Years after its three-season Netflix screening was interrupted, a fan-favorite “Man Without Fear” will finally see Charlie Cox reprise his role as Matt Murdoch as he tries again to protect New York from the darkness that threatens to take over. cities.

The fourth season with daredevil will be unique as this will be the first time the show has been linked directly to a larger MCU. Although the series has always been considered part of the universe, it has always been in its own unique corner of the franchise, limited in its connections. Now, with Marvel Studios, the door is open for some very exciting guest stars from the MCU, who will hopefully help the lawyer defend his city.

lunar knight

Moon Knight debuted at MCU in March with his own six-episode Disney + starring Oscar Isaac. The relatively obscure superhero has quickly caught the hearts of Marvel fans who want to see Honshu’s Fist return to the franchise soon.

The Moon Knight and Sorvigolova are both street figures, whose methods are not usually deadly, but are certainly quite painful for their victims. Being the two bravest heroes in MCU, the team between them can create an exciting fourth season daredevil.


Blade The Vampire Hunter is an extremely important aspect of Marvel’s cinematic history and will be reloaded for the Marvel cinematic universe (where he will be portrayed by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali). Although Ali has not yet been fully involved in the MCU project, he still appeared on stage after the captions. Eternal.

Many fan theories have revolved around Blade’s role in the MCU, and many are wondering if Deyoker could assemble his own team there, which includes some of the franchise’s darkest heroes (such as Moon Knight Whale and Black Knight). Harrington). If so, Daredevil will be the perfect complement to the team, providing the perfect platform for a complete presentation of the concept.

John Walker

Wyatt Russell joined the MCU last summer as John Walker Falcon and winter soldier. Walker replaced Steve Rogers with the US government as Captain America, but was stripped of the title after a public incident. Now the character has been dubbed a US agent, which indicates that the MCU may become a line of Thunderbolts for the MCU.

John Walker has yet to test his new identity as a bodyguard, which means viewers aren’t sure which side of the law he will take and when he will finally take his first step as a US agent. daredevil Season 4 may be the perfect time to re-introduce the morally ambiguous supersoldier, finally showing viewers what his future at MCU might look like.


Black widow divided Marvel fans in the image of the cult comic villain Superintendent, who turned out to be Antonia Draykova, the daughter of General Draykov (leader of the Red Room). Although not all fans were pleased with this view of the character, she survived the events of the film, leaving many wondering where Taskmaster may appear next in the MCU.

Taskmaster has always been one of Sorvigolov’s greatest enemies in comics, and the villain’s photographic reflexes have made him a worthy opponent for the fearless man. Although the MCU character version may be destined for a more heroic fate, fans are still dying to see a hand-to-hand fight between her and Sorvigolova.

Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury Nick has been an integral part of the MCU from the beginning. This is the character who appears the most in the entire franchise, which seems to continue to play an important role in the future universe (especially in its upcoming series). Secret invasion).

From the very beginning of the MCU, Nick Fury was a character who unites different superheroes. It would be appropriate for the former director of SHIELD to do the same for Sorvigolov, who has not yet been introduced to the vast majority of other heroes in his world.

Kate Bishop

As Falcon Eye seeks to leave the superhero business, his replacement, Kate Bishop, is poised to take her place as a permanent expert on the MCU. Debut in Hawk’s eye Disney +, Kate’s time as a superhero has just begun.

Given that Sorvigolova and Kate Bishop are relatively down-to-earth heroes compared to other Avengers who infiltrate the MCU, they can indeed become a worthy couple when it comes to fighting crime. Since both are based in New York, such a reunion would be more likely than most.


After the debut of Hawk’s eyeMaya Lopez of Alaqua Cox, otherwise known as Echo, gets her own extra series where she is likely to continue her search for revenge on her father’s killer, Wilson Fisk. EchoProduction of which began earlier this week is likely to take place in early 2023.

For Echo MCU, a team with Sorvigolova seems inevitable. Both were enemies of Wilson Fisk, who personally vowed to ruin each of their lives. If Sorvigolov does not appear himself Echoso viewers can be sure that she will appear at some point in the next season of her series.

Barnes Party

James Buchanan Barnes of Sebastian Wall, otherwise known as Bucky, quickly became a favorite among the Avengers, especially after appearing in Falcon and winter soldier. Although the future of the character’s MCU is not yet known to fans, they can expect that many fans’ favorites will move forward.

Because Bucky Barnes’ future is so uncertain, introducing him to what has already become one of MCU’s most anticipated parties will do wonders, assuring fans that his time in the franchise is not over. In addition, the character’s rough appearance and sarcastic sense of humor can go well with Matt Murdoch’s rough edges.


Spider-Man: Don’t go home He changed the world of the titled superhero forever in several ways, leaving Peter Parker forgotten by everyone in the world, including his loved ones. However, this did not stop the Spider-Man from the friendly neighborhood to continue his mission to ensure the security of New York with a completely new trilogy that follows the exploits of the character, which is already being developed.

Spider-Man and Sorvigolova are one of the most popular Marvel teams to ever decorate the pages of comics, in which many fans want such an opportunity to take place in live action. While they briefly met in Don’t go homethey have yet to meet the alter ego of the other superheroes, which seems likely given their story.


She-Hulk this is one of the newest and most interesting articles about superheroes in the fourth phase of MCU (debuts at Disney + in August). The character is a lawyer who represents a powerful clientele, which is also a cousin of the Incredible Hulk himself.

Many fans believe that Matt Murdoch will appear at some point She-Hulk TV series, at least in a cameo. Given that Murdoch and Walters are lawyers who counterfeit superheroes, it’s really only a matter of time before their paths cross (if not in She-Hulkthen I will definitely enter daredevil Season 4).

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