10 MCU suits that are incredibly comically accurate

The Marvel cinematic universe is known for combining elements of comic book source material with completely new ideas to shape what has become one of the most successful films and television franchises of recent years. Because of this trend, the universe often avoids costumes that fully match the comics, changing them to make them more realistic or to match the tone of the film in which they are shot.

Although MCU often avoids individual adaptations of comic book costumes, its later phases encompass the camp design of original super costumes, adding to the small but growing franchise catalog surprisingly accurate comic book adaptations. disguise.

ten american officer

Wyatt Russell puzzled fans with his portrayal of John Walker, who replaced the Captain of America with the US government. Falcon and winter soldier. However, by the end of the mini-series, Walker had grown among fans, including a different nickname and clothes, becoming a US agent.

The costume of the American agent MCU almost exactly matches the comics, showing a similar red and white striped pattern, reminiscent of the American flag, and surrounded by a shade of black, which means the moral ambiguity of the character. Even the mask itself is very similar to Walker’s mask in comics, completing a wonderful translation from comics to the screen.

9 Mrs. Marvel

Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan is just days away from debuting in the Marvel cinematic universe in her own Disney + series. Iman Vellani will play the character who will be the main character in the MCU, teaming up with Captain Marvel and Photon in the upcoming 2023 film. miracles.

Although little has been seen in the trailers of Kamala Khan’s full costume, promotional material suggests that the character’s costume will be very similar to a comic book. The color scheme remains the same, including a gold zipper running down the front of her outfit and a long red scarf typical of a comic book character costume.

8 black bolt

Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness for the first time brought to the big screen the Inhuman King of the Black Thunder, played by Anson Mount. Although the character suffers a brutal death at the hands of the Scarlet Witch, along with other members of the Illuminati from Earth-838, her appearance in the film could mean great things for the future of the Inhumans in the MCU.

This version of Black Bolt is much better compared to comics than the previous action incarnation, also presented by Mount in Inhumans, a short series of live battles on ABC. One of the main ways to do this is a character costume, which is strikingly similar to its comic book counterpart, up to the branded tuning fork on his head in a mask. black bolt Multiverse of madness The costume is almost a perfect copy of the character’s characteristic comic image.

seven Captain Marvel

Carol Denvers of Bree Larson, aka Captain Marvel, is a relatively new Avenger who is sure to become an integral part of the MCU in the future. Captain Marvel, a man soaked in the blood of Cree’s warriors and endowed with Tesseract radiation, is one of the most powerful superheroes in the entire franchise.

The MCU Captain Marvel Costume is a terribly similar image of Carol Denver’s costume after she took on the role of Captain Marvel in the comics. The color, design and insignia of the costume are exactly the same, with no noticeable difference between comics and film.

6 Sam Wilson Captain America

After serving with Steve Rogers for many years, Sam Wilson, once known as the Falcon, finally inherited the title of Captain America at the end Avengers: Final. Wilson was in no hurry to take up a new position, eventually accepting a new suit from the Vacandians to strengthen his growth to the rank of his predecessor.

Captain Sam Wilson’s winged suit is perfect for a comic book costume with exactly the same color and layout. While the comic book character’s costume design is sleek and includes a belt, the MCU Wilson costume has clearer features and a mini mitten on the left hand.

5 Kate Bishop

Hailey Steinfeld impressed fans with her game in the first season of Disney + Hawk’s eye, leaving many viewers anxiously wondering where Kate Bishop might appear next at the MCU. Steinfeld’s archer in a purple suit is a friend of Jeremy Renner and a student of the Falcon Eye, who is learning to take the Avenger’s torch.

Kate Bishop’s comic book costume has always been one of the simplest outfits of a superhero, which fits perfectly into the adaptation of the MCU character. Kate wears her signature purple in both versions, although the cinematic performance of her costume is the best body armor, with fewer exposed areas. Steinfeld’s version also lacks the purple glasses often worn by a comic book character.

4 Classic Loki

In the fourth and fifth episodes LokiRichard E. Grant depicts a variation of the God of Pranks who survived Thanos’ attack in the beginning The Avengers: Infinity War. Grant’s version, known as the classic Loki behind the scenes of the series, has a completely different costume than in other parts of the MCU.

Classic Loki differs in that it is a multifaceted character with which customers have carte blanche. In what is a more or less direct allusion to Loki’s original look in the comics, Grant’s character accurately reflects his counterpart, down to a too-pronounced helmet with a golden horn.

3 red witch

Formerly revered Avengers, Wanda Maximoff of Elizabeth Olsen recently became one of the most powerful villains in the entire MCU, even giving Dr. Strange a pause before confronting her in battle. Finally, adopting the image of the Scarlet Witch, Wanda also inherited a surprisingly familiar costume, like her comic book colleague.

While her costume is for Halloween Wanda’s vision perhaps a more direct parallel to her comic book outfit, The Scarlet Witch Multiverse of madness look is an updated – and much cooler – version of the classic look of the character in the history of Marvel Comics. MCU Wanda has retained the color of the Scarlet Witch costume and her Scarlet Tiara, but still does not have the smooth cape that the character so often wears.

2 strange doctor

Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the former Supreme Wizard carries some of the unmistakable traits of Dr. Strange’s character from comics to film, most recently with his digression into alternate realities in Multiverse of madness. Kevin Feigy himself called him an “MCU anchor”, and Dr. Strange is one of the most important characters in the franchise today.

Despite the absurdity of Dr. Strange’s adventures, the classic outfit of a comic book hero is quite simple compared to other characters. Cumberbatch’s view of the master of mystical art is not very different in appearance, retaining the corporate color scheme of his comic book colleague, cape and goat’s beard. MCU also adds the “Eye of Agamotto” pendant as an accessory to unite the whole image.

1 Spide’s new costume

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has graced the big screen six times since joining the MCU, the last time in the adored world Spider-Man: Don’t go home. Although this version of the character’s high-tech costumes has often been criticized by fans, Holland gets a brand new costume on the final stage of his last tour, which is very different from everything he wore on the screen of the film before.

Despite many complaints from fans about the MCU Spider-Man costumes, his latest look at Wallcrawler’s image is a perfect adaptation of the character’s first look in comics, especially in the late 60’s and early 90’s. 70. Although there were few fans are already looking forward to seeing what may be the most accurate spider costume in live action when the superhero returns to the big screen.

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