10 most beautiful hikes in Harlaban

There’s no time to waste: find our top 10 Garlaban hiking ideas now to get the most out of them!

“I was born in the city of Auban, near Harlaban, crowned with goats, in the time of the last goatherds. Garlaban is a huge tower of blue rock perched on the edge of the Plan de l’Aigle, that vast rocky plateau that dominates the green valley of the Yvonne,” Marcel Pagnol told us decades ago. If today Harlaban is no longer crowned with goats, it is because of the numerous rocks left there by pedestrians.

If Pagnol chose to make this the first words of his most famous novel, we quickly see why. Indeed, with its dry vegetation and rocks typical of garrigue landscapes, Garlaban resembles a Corsican maquis. Immediately discover the 10 most beautiful hikes in Garlaban, near Aubagne.

1. Wolf

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La Louve is a hiking trail in Garlaban that starts near the Domaine du Font de Mai. Winding its way through the scrub to Garlaban Peak, it also skirts a slightly lesser-known peak called Pic d’Eliot.

After completing this route, you will be able to enjoy very beautiful views of the city of Aubagne and its surroundings, and of course the final panorama from the top.

2. Harlaban and Mount Marcel


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Here we are dealing with a longer hike to Harlaban. Starting from the heights of Aubagne, it skirts the twin peaks of Garlaban and Mont du Marseille before passing through the village of Peipin.

On the way you will have beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and Marseille. This route is ideal if you enjoy cycling. Either way, we love it!

3. Garlaban via Mas de Massacan

Harlaban hikes

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This circular route starts at Auberge La Ferme above Aban. This wonderful hike in Harlaban goes all the way to the cross, and the walker’s eyes are treated to great views as they progress through the heart of the forest.

4. Loop in the Garlaban massif


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Let’s move on to more serious things! This rather long Harlaban campaign is called difficult by those who survived it. You are on a road where there is little shade: therefore, in the high season, you need good protection from the sun.

This is probably its main difficulty, as the trails are not particularly steep, even if you do need good shoes. In any case, we especially appreciate the magnificent views of this hike through the mountain massif in the Aubagne Valley!

5. La Trail

Harlaban hikes

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It is in the vicinity of Allaukh that we will start this hike to Harlaban. La Treille is the name of the trail, but it is, above all, an old typical Provençal village that was located there and that Pagnol told us about in his works. This route takes you through the Vallon des Piches and through the famous Balsam Plantier to finish at the top of Garlaban.

And if you want to add a cultural side to this walk, you can take advantage of your presence in the area to visit the filming locations of the writer’s films and Manon sources especially.

6. Loop of Harlaban from Favara

Harlaban hikes

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It is this time from Favara and its castle that we set off on this trek to Harlaban. We’ll hike the Dansaires trail, a trail overlooking the Garlaban Gorge, which can be spectacular if you’re dizzy, even if the hike isn’t very difficult.

We then follow a loop that takes us back to the starting point through the bush.

7. Plantier balm


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It’s like Manon sources took us by the hand in this trip to Harlaban. Leaving the Font de Mai, you will pass the Baume du Plantier and the Grotte du Cerf.

The route forms a loop through the Col d’Aubignane and has a refreshing side as it follows rivers and caves to take us on a tour of the Garlaban massif.

8. Bar of the Holy Spirit

Harlaban hikes

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This short hike to Harlaban is perfect for a half day. We do not climb to the top of Garlaban, but explore the surroundings near the massif to reach the top of Barre du Saint Espry. But be careful: even though it is of medium difficulty, you need to be in good physical shape to tackle this route, as the hills are very steep.

Pleasant descent on the southern side of the mountain. Our four-legged friends are welcome, they can even be released in certain places.

9. Step of the Wolf


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What a beautiful name for this hike in Garlaban! In particular, we pass the Col d’Aubignane and the Baume du Passe-Temps, another beautiful cave worthy of Pagnol, to reach this 453 meter high peak.

There are no major challenges on this river-strewn, dog-friendly route.

10. Great Wallon

Harlaban hikes

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Storming of Harlaban Peak is one of the main problems in the area. This hike from Rockever offers a 360° panorama from the top and very beautiful views of the valley. Since most of its route is quite open, we advise you to plan it in advance for the summer season. However, it is worth stopping at the cool Barquier spring.

If this hike to Harlaban is not difficult in itself, it remains quite sporty and can be impressive with its chain and rope transitions when you are not used to it.

So, which hiking route in Harlaban are you going to take?

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