10 most iconic Pokemon from Generation 4

Pokémon and Game Freak have spent the past year bringing fans back to the Cinno region shiny diamond, shiny pearland change the game Legends: Arceus. This fourth generation of Pocket Monsters has truly become a modern classic in the eyes of longtime fans of the franchise.

And, like any generation, Cinno has its share of outstanding Pokemon. Many of these species have become unforgettable due to their ingenious design, martial arts, usefulness in detours, memes, or any combination of the four.


For eight generations, the main games, several since the fire, have become a favorite Pokemon of fans. Infernape has become iconic due to its skill in storyline game battles and creative design.

Although it was another replay of Fire / Fighting from Hoenn’s Blaziken, this tired track has not yet played. The creature, inspired by chimpanzees and Sun Ukung, strikes hard with a diverse pool of movements and has been a favorite of many players, especially since it was one of the few fire types in the Sinno region.


Probably one of the favorite games of the main line is the first route bird Pokemon. It seems that in every region there is one, from the classic Pigeot Canto to the new Corviknight Gallar, and Staraptor Cinno is always one of the favorites.

His “Normal / Flying” type is fairly typical, but his stats are incredibly heavy as a fast physical striker, and complemented by a sleek and terrifying design. This Pokemon Merged Starling / Hawk / Falcon is one of the most reliable to play in any of Sinnoh’s games.


Although Lucario is not as instantly recognizable as Pikachu and Charizard, he is perhaps one of the franchise’s most memorable Pokemon. This makes his status as a “mascot” of the view of the Hsin region meaningless, and he has the design and strength to justify it.

Lucario has a strong double introduction of “Battle / Steel”, as well as the spread of characteristics, which makes it extremely versatile in combat. In addition, his creative influence on Anubis – the Egyptian god of funerals and the dead – easily made him an aesthetic hit among fans.


Having access to a powerful electric type at an early stage is a great benefit Pokemon games and Luxray felt their presence with their power and creative design. Luxray’s dark color palette and feline pattern make it attractive to the crowd.

It is based on both a real lynx and a mythical sphinx from Egyptian legend, complemented by an electric kit based on folklore surrounding the lynx species. This design, combined with its reliable statistics and powerful electric attacks, has made it another popular choice in story games.


It is not surprising that Harchomp remained such an icon of the Cinno region even 16 years later diamond and pearloriginal Japanese version. The brutal combination of Ground Shark, Dragon and Dragon / Ground Dual Introduction in Garchomp is one of the worst designs in the franchise, and it still holds its weight in battle in both casual games and online formats.

Being a pseudo-legendary resident of the Sinno region, its monstrous base of 600 makes him impressive in a battle with a large pool of movements. Many veteran fans will probably remember the grueling fight they had with champion Cynthia Harchomp. No wonder how often it was appearing in Pokemon diamond and pearl teams, even though they are as late as Gibl.


Bidoof is the first Pokemon method to grow in popularity for meta-reasons. The little beaver creature is not loud and does not highlight the presence of power, but has a cute, cute design that makes it irresistible to many fans.

However, thanks to a different combination of memes and the fact that he is “HM mule” as Bibarel, when it is necessary to progress in the game, little Biduf essentially went beyond the games in which he participated. This is a somewhat ironically favorite Pokemon, but still a favorite.


Legendary types of Pokemon are another piece of knowledge that comes with every major game, but not all of them are as memorable as others, even with the name. Of course, there are people like Mu and Mutu, the Legendary Bird trio, etc., but the Pokemon deity Arceus also made a big impression on fans.

The stories of Arceus’ universe easily point to him, as he is canonically known as the creator of the Pokemon universe. It has one of the most fascinating designs in the series, it seems to be inspired by another ancient Egyptian figure Apis. Since then, Arceus has become more popular in games due to the above Legends: Arceus.


All Creation Trio (Dialga, Palkia and Giratina) is undoubtedly cult among fans. However, between Dialga and Palkia, it seems that the lion’s share is occupied by the former.

Part of this could be attributed to its design, as it looks like an elegant and regal mixture of wolf and dragon, wrapped in a steel aesthetic. And, as in any legendary, his tradition in the universe as a representative and master of time adds intrigue. At the time, Dialga’s Steel / Dragon-Type was also the first of its kind.


Like Togepi – and even Lucario from the Sinoh region – Munchlax was a favorite Pokemon with anime that used to tease his next region. In Hoenn’s anime, friends Ash and Brock May had one that was very special to make fans nostalgic.

Munchlax was the first form of Snorlax Kanto and, unlike Kanto, was a bit more active – but a relatively heavy rider. Unfortunately, it was very unpleasant to catch this in the DS games, but Munchlax remains a cult native of Cinno.


The creative trio is complemented by the sinister and disturbing Giratina. Most fans recognize it because it has an impressive design, similar to a leviathan, and a very unique combination of types. Like Dialga, the Ghost / Dragon combination was the first of its kind at the time.

Another part of what makes Giratina so memorable is its flagship Origin Forme. Platinum Pokemon and his “antagonistic” role against Arceus. Referring to biblical knowledge, Giratina represents a kind of “fallen angel” whom Arceus expelled because of his violence, where he became the master of the world of distortion and antimatter.

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