11 departments in the south-west of France are still in red, 59 others – orange

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16:36 : For science!

16:34 : That’s it, white is completely ready. Yolk … another In 10 minutes I taste.

16:34 : Fortunately, prehistoric people did not adopt this cooking technique, otherwise they would all have died of starvation …

16:34 : I’m seriously wondering if it’s edible.

16:33 : Preparing. It is prepared slowly, but it is being prepared. I point out that the frying pan is in Saint-Huen, located to the south.

16:33 : Scientific experiment continues.

16:33 : This unprecedented heat gave ideas to a surfer who watched too much “This is not rocketry in his youth” 😉 The first photo was taken around 14:00.

16:31 : Behind the wave of #heat there will be a storm deterioration: tomorrow night and during the next night between the Southwest and the Benelux there will be local strong thunderstorms, accompanied by #hail and strong #gusts of wind.

16:31 : Storms will drop tomorrow and temperatures will drop, Météo France clarifies. Courage to all, for the most unfortunate of you another 24 hours. In some regions, the decrease in temperature will be noticeable as early as tonight.

16:29 : As expected, the absolute heat record in #Biarritz fell to 41.0 ° C with a very previous value shortly before 14:00. It has never been so hot at Biarritz Airport since the station opened in 1953. #heat

16:28 : The absolute temperature record has just been broken in Biarritz – 41 degrees, according to Météo France.

16:22 : Hi, Pierre, I’m traveling to Santiago de Chile, it’s a little cooler there than at home… and it was still 2 degrees at 8:30 am… good luck!

16:22 : And there are our foreign readers who read us with a touch of caution, especially when they are not in the same hemisphere with us. Like, our loyal reader from South America.

16:21 : The weather between Vimi and Doue is good, as it is often in the North😉

16:21 : Lac du Moulinet in Lozère. Water for 27 and beyond 36 *

16:20 : Well, even in the heart of the Vosges beats … 33 in the shade … fortunately, a new isolated house, cool inside! And to think that once it was a glacial valley 😉

16:20 : Would you take thermometers again? Every time I play a volley, I remember this incredible sequence Crab with golden clawswhen Captain Haddock repeats frantically “Land of thirst .. land of thirst”.

16:11 : Let us remind you, here is a list of 11 departments that are under red vigilance: Charente, Charente-Maritime, Gers, Gironde, Land, Lot-et-Garonne, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrénées, Haute-Pyrénées, Vendée and Vienne. .

16:08 : Hello from Côte d’Opal … we were 30 yesterday …. 21 today and ….. 15 tomorrow 😅 … respectfully, we are there. Good luck to those suffering from heat !!!

16:07 : On the terrace in Landa, the pool has never been so hot, 31 degrees …

16:07 : The heat, except for Brittany … eh … thanks for the picture … Ille et Vilaine in the country, in the shade …

16:06 : High heat in Saint-Jean-Laval on the Rhone: 42.5 degrees

16:05 : Great idea for all workers who suffer from these extreme temperatures … In Landa, the oven is 48.5 degrees!

16:05 : Val d’Oise is also hot !!! 39.4 outside at 16:00 … and the thermometer probe in the shade 🥵 And it continues to rise …. 😰

16:05 : Written, a little 26 ° C and I will not hide from you that shorts (or dresses) are mandatory today. In the comments, you talk about the stove that dominates your home.

16:03 : 🔴 11 points in # vigilanceRouge🔶 59 points in #vigilanceOrange Stay up to date https://t.co/rJ24zzmmy4

16:03 : According to a new report by Météo France, the department of Ain, in turn, is turning to orange vigilance in the heat.

15:49 : This is the temperature I have in Hebrews 35 ° Marie

15:49 : Hello, 15:30 near Olon sand 42 degrees continues to rise, as yesterday or at 17:00 43 degrees

15:49 : It’s very hot in Ermont 95

15:48 : We are burning here! 43 ° in the shade at 15:30! Unheard of in the Basque Country! We are all inside the fog, and so are the animals!

15:48 : #weather Long live the pink granite beach !! Just as nice outside as it is inside. 😉 Good luck to those who suffer from heat.

15:47 : The heat in the suburbs of Rouen … 39 degrees in the shade 🥵

15:47 : 38 degrees on the 15th in Paris! It continues to grow

15:47 : You continue to be very hot in the comments of this direct (except the Bretons). Good luck to all!

15:50 : A fire ravages the Kanjuers military camp. In this area, Var burned about 200 hectares of vegetation, according to France 3 Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Photos taken during the fire at Camp de Canjuers on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 in Var.

(SDIS 83)

14:48 : A spectacular blow from Galerno (westerly wind intrusion) should cause the thermometer to drop by almost 20 ° C in one hour (!) Early in the evening in the Basque Country and the Lands, ending the #heat wave in these sectors. Aroma model via @meteociel https://t.co/aeENIVt9z3

14:47 : If you live in southwestern France, the temperature will drop sharply early in the evening under the influence of westerly winds, warns a meteorologist.

14:37 : For long-term protection against heat, energy repairs of housing are required. Franceinfo explains how to properly insulate the house.


14:53 : In Spain, more than 20,000 hectares were in smoke. This series of fires occurred when the country has been facing extreme and unusual heat for a week, which is one of the consequences of global warming. Details in this article.

Fire helicopter flies over the fire, Catalonia, Thursday, June 16, 2022.  (PAU BARRENA / AFP)


14:10 : in Bourbon … 33 degrees in the shade of a cherry tree. The highest temperature recorded since Wednesday. Good luck to all!

14:07 : Cannes in the sun

14:07 : 37.5 Clermont-Ferrand at 13:00, 40 ° C in the afternoon

14:07 : Barricaded, “cool” in the room at 27 °. The temperature outside (in the shade and under cover) at 13:30 was 39 °, in the back it was almost “cold” … 40-41 ° was announced today in Anjou. Now we are getting closer.

14:53 : Although it has just crossed the 40 ° C mark in the south-west, the temperature continues to rise in comments to this live broadcast.

14:54 : Now 14:00, here is the point in the news:

• Two people died on Porniche beach yesterday (Loire-Atlantique) after being in the sun for one and discomfort in the water. In many cities of the country temperatures above 40 ° C are expected.

• The owner of the porn site JacquieetMichel.net was charged and placed under judicial supervision last night. Three other men – a former actor and two ex-directors – are also being prosecuted in the investigation.

• At least one person was killed this morning at a chemical plant in Shanghai, according to state media, when thick clouds of black smoke rise into the sky over the city of Chinese metropolis.

• In the Tent this morning, 25,000 people were deprived of tap water due to E.coli infection. Details in our article.

14:55 : Two men were found dead on a beach in Porniche, in the Loire-Atlantique, on Friday afternoon, reports France Bleu. The first victim was an 80-year-old man who lay in direct sunlight. The second victim fainted in the water. The Loire prefecture calls for caution on Twitter. “During episodes of extreme heat, the number of accidental drownings increases”write the authorities.

13:43 : How to walk in the middle of a dodger? Hellfest 2022 opened in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) in a somewhat unusual environment. Report by our journalist Jan Bertrand in the center of speakers and fog.

Audience at the Hellfest, in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique), June 17, 2022.  (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)


14:56 : From this evening on the Atlantic coast there may be one-time thunderstorms, the beginning of degradation is expected on Sunday evening and that will allow heat waves “Gradually regresses so that it no longer affects only the eastern flank of the country”reports Meteo France.

13:00 : Rising …

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