12 recipes for cooking seafood

The lobster and crab season officially started a few days ago, so we thought it was time to offer you some juicy recipes for various delicacies that the sea offers us. Of course, we will offer you some recipes with lobster or crab, but there are also suggestions with shrimp, scallops or squid.

If you love seafood as much as we do, discover the following twelve recipes right now!

Banh Mi sandwiches with lobster

Credit: Increase

This sandwich is a good interpretation of a traditional banjo, and is filled with delicious lobster. What else can you ask for?

Grilled lobsters with garlic and parmesan

Credit: Increase

Do you want to change the usual lobster soaked in flavored butter? Try this recipe for delicious lobsters, grilled to perfection on a barbecue and garnished with parmesan and garlic butter.

Warm toast with lobster

Credit: I cook

You can’t go wrong with crab cakes! In this version, it is proposed to make them in the original and small format. You can cook them in a pan or deep fryer.

Shrimp burgers with marinated zucchini and nasturtium leaves

Credit: Ricardo

According to this recipe, we move away from lobsters and crabs, but it is still very tasty. It is quite easy to prepare, and if you do not have nasturtium leaves, you can replace them with watercress.

Thermidor from gratin seafood

Credit: I cook

This recipe contains at least 3 different seafood! There are shrimp, scallops and lobsters. Pour white sauce over everything and generously mashed.

Rolls with lobster

Credit: Andrean Gauthier for the film “Three times a day”.

Lobster rolls are a great classic of the seafood season. Although the most authentic taste of this recipe can be found in Gaspez, you can recreate it in the comfort of your home thanks to this version of Trois fois par jour.

Mini crab cakes

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

Crab cakes – another classic of the seafood season! This recipe offers you an option that is served as a snack and that is slightly smaller than traditional crab cakes. The taste is still great!

fried squid

Credit: Ricardo

Make your own fried squid according to this easy-to-prepare recipe. However, you will need a deep fryer to cook it.

Bowl with crabs, cucumbers and mangoes and spicy sesame mayonnaise

Credit: Justin Mark-Orel for the film “Three times a day”.

Pokeball lovers, you will be delighted with this simple recipe and absolutely delicious. You just need to be patient to cut cucumbers and mangoes into small pieces.

Crab salad in verrin

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

This recipe improves the crab by adding it with other ingredients such as fresh onions and bell peppers.

Tartini with crabs, pears and arugula

Credit: Katie’s recipes

If you have lobster left, you can make these sandwiches for lunch the next day. They are easy to prepare and very tasty.

Tortilion with lobster and brie cream

Credit: 5 ingredients 15 minutes

Here is a very tasty and decadent recipe! The combination of brie and lobster is divine!

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