15 best films by Ewan McGregor according to Rotten Tomatoes

Ewan McGregor has starred in some of the most famous films of all time. The famous Scottish actor made his directorial debut with Danny Boyle in the 1994 film shallow grave and has since continued to collaborate with some of the best directors.

He has worked with Ridley Scott, Steven Soderbergh, Baz Luhrmann, Todd Haynes, Tim Burton and many others. Ewan McGregor’s best films are often shot with impressive directors.

Updated by Sean S. Lilos on May 13, 2022: Ewan McGregor will return to the spotlight in 2022 when he reprises the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in his own solo series at Disney +. The series will take place after the events of “Revenge of the Sith” and will show what Obi-Wan did after occupying his station on Tatooine to watch the young Luke Skywalker.

McGregor has an impressive list of films, and when he repeats his perhaps most famous role, now may be a good time to go back and watch his past films, which include a strong combination of drama, romance, action. and even a few musicals.

15 Red mill! (2001) – 76%

In 2001, Baz Luhrmann made an Oscar-nominated film. Red mill! and he chose Ewan McGregor to star alongside Nicole Kidman. In the extravagant musical, McGregor starred as Christian, an English poet and hopeless romantic who falls in love with a courtesan named Saline.

The film became a hit, receiving eight Oscar nominations, including one for the role of Kidman as Satin. McGregor was also praised for a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor and Best Actor at the Satellite Awards.

14 Black Hawk Down (2001) – 77%

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In 2001, Ridley Scott made a war film Black Hawk Down. Based on Ken Nolan’s science book based on the US military raid on Mogadishu, the film tells the story of a group of task force rangers sent on a rescue mission just to find one of their helicopters. beaten.

Ewan McGregor plays Grimes in the film as part of a cast that included Josh Hartnett, Tom Sizemore, Jason Isaacs, Tom Hardy and others. The film received four Oscar nominations, including one for Best Director.

thirteen Dr. Son (2019) – 78%

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In 2019, Mike Flanagan brought a novel by Stephen King Dr. Son on the big screen. It was a sequel to Stanley Kubrick brilliantbut it was more than that. King has often criticized the film for being very different from the book. Flanagan found a way to create a sequel to both.

Ewan McGregor is an adult Dan Torrance, and he picked up his father’s vices as an alcoholic. At the beginning of the film, he recovers, and then meets a little girl who has Radiance, like him. However, it is then that he learns that there are many more, and some will be killed to maintain immortality.

12 Birds of prey (2020) – 79%

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In 2020, Ewan McGregor joined the comics franchise. It was at DCEU, and he took on the role of the classic villain Batman Black Mask. However, it was not a movie about Batman, as it starred Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey. For McGregor, this was a rare twist as a villain.

It was a big turn from McGregor, who was bright and unsurpassed as the owner of the club and a mafia boss who felt that the world owed him something. His misogynistic actions towards women in the film made his fate in the hands of these heroines perfect karma.

11 Little Voice (1998) – 79%

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Surpass McGregor’s 1996 film Brewed less than ten critics, a romantic musical Little voice good enough to get in the top ten.

The wind film of 1998 tells about L.V. (Jane Horrocks), a shy woman who is deceived by the ghost of her father to sing. To LV’s great shock, his voice is heard at a local talent show. As the event approaches, LV meets Billy (McGregor), an equally shy phone designer who spends his free time racing pigeons. As the concert approaches, LV and Billy are unlikely to make a connection.

ten Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) – 79%

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While the voice of Ewan McGregor returned in the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi the force wakes upRotten Tomatoes shows this Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith always remains the pinnacle of the harvest.

The finale of the prequel trilogy intensifies the action and violence as Obi-Wan and Skywalker try to save Chancellor Palpatine from the spaceship. For their iconic fight scene, McGregor and Hayden Christensen spent two months training intensively in fitness and fencing.

9 Brewed (1996) – 80%

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Brewed was an early attempt by Ewan McGregor, which took dramatic turns in which he was good at the time, and mixed it with a bit of romance to demonstrate his versatility as an actor. The film takes place in the UK, when the government closed coal mines and destroyed entire communities.

A woman sent to determine the fate of one of these communities joins the orchestra and meets McGregor’s character. At the time, the film was praised for depicting these marching orchestras and their music, causing the depression that arises when work begins to disappear.

8 Whipped (2011) – 80%

McGregor joined the best ensemble in Steven Soderbergh’s stylish action movie hit in 2011, mixing it with Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Channing Tatum and others!

The film tells the story of a cool agent Mallory Kane (Gina Carano), who is hired by her boss to carry out ruthless and cruel missions around the world. McGregor plays Kenneth, the man who gives Kane the job of pretending to be the wife of an MI6 agent in Dublin. When Kane realizes that she has been set up, she takes revenge.

7 Impossible (2012) – 81%

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Based on the real environmental disaster that struck Thailand in 2004, McGregor and Naomi Watts starred as a couple desperately trying to save their family from a devastating tsunami in Impossible.

During the Christmas holidays in Thailand, a family of five visits the hotel pool by exchanging gifts. Soon a giant wave breaks and fills the whole area, separating some family members from each other. The film’s inner realism captivated critics with the way the tsunami was visualized. Watts was nominated for an Oscar for her performance.

6 T2 Trainspotting (2017) – 81%

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Twenty years later, Renton, Juice Boy, Spud, and Begby continue their drug-related trials and tribulations in Danny Boyle’s well-received sequel. T2 Trainspotting. The story of the film gains momentum when Renton (McGregor) returns to his old place and reunites with his best friends addicted to heroin.

As his life has become much cleaner and simpler than in 1996, Renton must decide whether he wants to return to old habits and self-destructive tendencies, or stay smart and confident. Will Renton choose the path of death or will he choose life?

5 Ghost Writer (2010) – 84%

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In Roman Polanski’s excellent political thriller, McGregor plays a ghost writer hired to write the memoirs of former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan). Digging into research for the book, Ghost (McGregor) is drawn into a bizarre plot of murder, full of political intrigue.

As the plot unfolds, the Ghost becomes an investigative reporter who decides to find answers to the dangers that surround him. The closer he gets, the more dangerous he becomes, as Lang Ruth’s wife (Olivia Williams) complicates matters as a fatal woman.

4 Emma (1996) – 85%

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Based on the famous novel by Jane Austen, Emma The star Gwyneth Paltrow is a clumsy matchmaker who can’t help but get involved in other people’s romantic lives. But when a novel falls on her doorstep, she doesn’t know how to act.

Eventually, Emma manages to recognize her true couple in the charming Mr. Knightley (Jeremy Northam). Only in his seventh film does McGregor play the small role of Frank Churchill, the evil boy to whom he briefly attracts Emma. However, Emma eventually reunites Frank with her friend Harriet before seriously harassing Mr. Knightley.

3 Beginners (2010) – 85%

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Freelance writer Mike Mills won the comedy by combining McGregor with Christopher Plummer into a fun and heartfelt family comedy. Beginners. In the film, McGregor plays Oliver Fields, a graphic designer who is struggling with his mother’s death. Seeking to be closer to his cancer patient father Hal (Plummer), Oliver begins to spend more time with him.

But when Hal suddenly announces that he has come out as a gay man who now lives with a much younger lover, Oliver must accept the change. Shock turns into acceptance, and acceptance turns into unconditional love between father and son.

2 Trainspotting (1996) – 91%

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Trainspotting may still be McGregor’s favorite film of all time. The harsh story of a capricious, heroin-addicted 20-year-old in poor Edinburgh not only put McGregor on the international map, but also did the same for director Danny Boyle.

McGregor plays Renton with incredible honesty, a man who must make a difficult decision to turn away from his closest friends to overcome addiction. In the end, Renton abandons his self-destructive ways and chooses to live instead.

1 Humpback Whales (2015) – 100%

Although this is just a movie story, earning 100% on Rotten Tomatoes is not enough! Documentary film of 2015 humpback whales explores the natural habitat of humpback whales in the cold waters of Alaska, the warm waters of Hawaii and temperate waters near Tonga.

Captured with IMAX 3D cameras, stunning underwater shots come to life thanks to McGregor’s fascinating story. The film was nominated for a Motion Pictures Sound Editing Award for songwriting and humpback whale communication.

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