15 of the most beautiful boy names inspired by astronomy

The good news has come, you are about to have a baby and it’s a boy! So, you are inevitably looking for the perfect name to christen your son on his birthday. For this, all inspirations are good, including those that can be found among the stars. A note for astronomy fans: What if you let the stars guide you?

Why choose a male name inspired by astronomy?

There is no more than space, which represents an endless source of secrets… But also an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Between names of planetsstars and constellations, v names of cosmonauts that take off in a rocket, astronomers and other scientists who study it:astronomy has enough to provide a full article on baby names.

You still don’t know which one to choose? This is normal, because the choice is large. Some nameas Sirius for example, were popularized by pop culture and the Harry Potter saga. But Sirius is also the name of a star in the constellation Canis Major (like the one Harry’s godfather turns into!). Its scientific name is also slightly different as it is called Alpha Canis Majoris.

Want something more classic? Thomas, Volodymyr, Joseph or Andriy are some of the less original but very popular names worn by famous cosmonauts.

What name for a boy, inspired by astronomy, to choose?

Choosing one requires a little inspiration a name inspired by astronomy for your unborn baby boy? Discover 15 names and their star-related stories for a son that will put stars in your eyes.

This cute Arabic name means “eagle in flight.” It is also the brightest star in the constellation Eagle: it is twice as big as the Sun!

If the female version resembles the movie “The Little Mermaid”, Ariel is a mixed name that refers to the brightest moon of Uranus.

In addition to referring to your favorite magazine, Cosmo is a Greek name that means “order” and is the root of the word “Cosmos.”

Edmond Halley gave his name to the most famous comet in our galaxy, the famous Halley’s Comet, the next flyby of which should take place in 2061.

This original name is inspired by the constellation of the same name, which consists of more than 300 stars. It got its name from a river in Greek mythology.

Ferdinand is a retro name that is gradually regaining popularity, but it is also the name of the farthest moon of the planet Uranus.

In relation to Isaac Newton, this first name would be a perfect nod to this symbolic figure of science, who notably invented the telescope, an important tool for studying the stars.

This cute short name is inspired by the constellation Leo, or Leo, in Latin.

Want a name that combines astronomy and pop culture? Luke would be perfect for a reference to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, Star Wars.

The constellation Orion and its famous belt are among the easiest to recognize. In Greek mythology, Orion was a legendary hunter killed by a scorpion. Their constellations are opposite the sky.

A mixed name, Nova is the term used to describe the sudden release of energy that occurs when two stars interact.

The first name, Saturnine, obviously refers to the planet Saturn, known for its rings.

The star in the constellation Canis Major, Sirius, is the brightest star in the sky, after the Sun. Perfect for a bright name!

In Latin, Sol simply means the Sun.

Yuri Gagarin was the first person to visit space. So, a real pioneer.

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