19 photos that prove that nature is amazing

A prestigious competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year from Natural Museum highlights the best wildlife and nature photography. In this year 2022, we were able to discover great shots, and here are the winners of the competition in each category. The big shot of the year winner is American, and that’s about it Karine Aigner with a very beautiful photograph of bees, thus taking the place of the French ones Laurent Ballesta who won it last year. To view previous issues, go HERE.

Photo of the year

Photo taken by the American Karin Aigner, in which we see a group of male bees competing for mating. She also won the category Behavior: Invertebrates.

category: Portfolio, history

The photo was taken by the Frenchman Laurent Ballesta during underwater research under the pack ice.

Category: Bird behavior

Photo taken by the American Nick Kanakis, where we see a young gray-breasted wren looking for food.

Category: Plants and mushrooms

A photo taken by the Greek Agorastos Papatsanis, in which you can see morels in the forests of Mount Olympus, illuminated by the rays of the sun that penetrated the vegetation.

Category: Behavior of mammals

Photo taken by Indian Anand Nambiar, where we see a snow leopard attacking a herd of Himalayan goats.

Category: Photojournalism, history

Photo taken by big winner Carine Aigner, where she highlighted Cuban culture and songbirds.

Category: Wetlands

The photo, taken by Guatemalan Daniel Núñez, highlights the contrast between the forest and the growth of algae in Lake Amatitlan.

Category: Photo of the year for 15-17 year olds

The photo was taken by a young Thai, Katanya Wuttichaitanakorn. You can find Bryde’s whale’s whisker.

Category: Underwater world

Photo taken by Japanese-American Tony Wu, who captured the dance of a starfish that recreates an electric current.

Category: Animals in their environment

The photo was taken by Ecuadorian Daniel Mideros. In this one, you can see the Spectacled Bear, which is an endangered species.

Category: Portrait of animals

The photo was taken by the Spaniard Hernandez Martinez. He decided to emphasize the courtship of the canary grouse.

Category: photo of the year for 11-14 years

The photo was taken by the Spaniard Ismael Dominguez Gutierrez. We are on a monochrome scene with an osprey standing out in the background.

Category: Overview of oceans

Photo taken by New Zealander Richard Robinson. Here we see a southern right whale mating with a male found on its back.

Category: Photojournalism

Photo taken by South African Brent Stirton. The end of the Ndakasi mountain gorilla in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Category: Photojournalism, history

The photo was taken by Mateusz Pisiak from Poland. We detect the flight of a woodcock after the arrival of a peregrine falcon.

Category: Urban fauna

Photo taken by Russian Dmytro Koch. Polar bears are increasingly approaching homes to feed.

Category: Photo of the year under 10 years

The photo was taken by the Italian Kateryna Bi. A shot showing a fight between two alpine goats.

Category: Abstract Nature

Photo taken by Japanese Junji Takasago. A flamingo in the middle of one of the largest salt flats in the world.

Category: behavior of amphibians and reptiles

Photo taken by Mexican Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar. A snake attacks a bat for food.

And for those with an eye, here are photos taken by accident, but the result is truly stunning.

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