25 facts you probably didn’t know about these famous costumes

What is great in cinemamost movies are profitable to watch several times to comprehend its whole essence, to notice all its details. Sometimes it helps to better understand certain elements of the script (Cobb ‘s address Beginning, real know) or just collect all the Easter eggs and other delicate details that some directors like to skip, especially at Disney. In this case, we will focus on costumes from movies, which often hide small juicy details, or whose story is sometimes quite funny. Moviegoers have fun sharing their discoveries at the sub-school Details about the film, so we have chosen for you 25.

№1 Pirates of the Caribbean

At the beginning of filming Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow wore leather hats. But Johnny Depp kept throwing them into the water, and they drowned. To fix this, costume designers decided to make rubber hats for him, because this material floats.

№2 Harry Potter

Throughout the saga, Snape is the only character who wears the same clothes all the time. It really was considered “ideal” for the character, and costume designers did not consider it necessary to change it.

№3 black Panther

Colors of clothes worn by T’challa, Nakiya and Okoye during their trip to Korea the same as on the Pan-African flag.

№ 4 Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Finn’s jacket is damaged by Kaylo Rena’s lightsaber Return of power. In the next panel we see thishe still wears a sewn jacket.

№ 5 The Dark Knight

in The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan Joker regularly licks his lips. His translator Heath Ledger did it because his fake scars continued to subside. So he kept them in place.

№6 Back to the future

The bandana worn by Doc in the third installment of the franchise made from the t-shirt he wore in the previous movie, or in any case has the same motives.

№ 7 Scott Pilgrim

In this film, Scott’s character can be seen in a Plumtree T-shirt. Plumtree is a Canadian rock band that released Scott Pilgrim in 1997. It was he who inspired the comics, which themselves gave rise to a feature film.

№ 8 Captain America: Winter Soldier

In the second part of the adventures of Captain America in the MCU, the Black Widow can be seen in an necklace with an arrow. An obvious bow to his teammate Falcon Eye.

№ 9 Captain Marvel

When Monica changes the color of Carol Denvers’ costume, she first chooses red and gold, referring to Shazam. In fact, before the name change in 2011, he himself was known as Captain Marvel.

№ 10 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

In the fifth part of the village Harry Potternotorious Dolores Umbridge wears darker and darker outfits how she reveals her true tyrant nature.

№ 11 once … in Hollywood

Some of the jewelry that Margot Robbie wears in Quentin Tarantino’s feature film belonged to Sharon Tate. in real life. She was a great actress of the 60’s in Hollywood, but was killed in 1999 by members of the Charles Manson sect.

№ 12 Forrest Gump

In this scene, Forrest meets his child for the first time and sits down to watch a cartoon. Ernest and Bart on television. fun detail both figures are dressed in the same way as the two spectators.

№ 13 Deadpool 2

in Deadpool 2we see Wade Wilson in a T-shirt with the words “Olivia & Meredith, Best Friends Purrrr-Ever”. This is a link to Taylor Swift cats, as well as their real photos. Before filming this scene, the production had to ask permission from the singer.

№ 14 lunar python

Chain mail worn by knights in Monty Python actually knitted yarn.

№ 15 criminal reading

in criminal readingJimmy Dammick (Quentin Tarantino) is wearing a T-shirt with a smiling globe. It was the logo of the magazine orbitwas the first to interview Tarantino as a director. Good way to say “Thank you”.

№ 16 Thor: Ragnarek

But he appeared in five MCU films (and soon in the sixth), Benedict Cumberbatch’s “Doctor Strange.” only once wore yellow gloves, typical of a comic book character, in Thor: Ragnarek.

№ 17 Crazy history of space

For this 1987 film, director Mel Brooks asked George Lucas if he could parody lightsabers. star Wars (The whole movie is a parody star Wars). Lucas agreed, provided that Captain Jop Solo’s character did not dress like his inspiration, Han Solo. Clever, Mel Brooks decided to dress him in clothes similar to the one worn by Indiana Jones, another iconic character played by Harrison Ford.

№ 18 django released

One of Django’s outfits a direct reference to the one worn by Michael Landon in Bonanza, a very long western TV series began in 1959.

№ 19 the Lord of the Rings

After Boromir’s death Brotherhood of the Ring, Boromir puts on bandages to pay his respects. He will keep them for the next two films.

№ 20 Jurassic world

In the scene where the heroine Claire Deering says she is ready to fight, her attire and pose refer directly to Professor Ellie Sattler in the first place Jurassic Park.

№ 21 matrix

Oracle’s clothing and position Matrix refer to the Delphic gray, painted by Michelangelo around 1510 and adorns the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

№ 22 Indiana Jones

Having been refused to implement a James Bond, Steven Spielberg got his little revenge thanks to his success Indiana Jones. The adventurer played by Harrison Ford also directly refers to Sean Connery’s “Jump” wearing exactly the same costume during the stage.

№ 23 Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

When he has to flee the Cloud City The empire strikes back, Lando Kalrissian wears Han Solo clothes aboard the Millennium Falcon.

№ 24 John Wick

Usually John Wick wears a wristwatch normally. But when he embarks on his deadly crusade, he carries it with his dial inside, as soldiers do.

№ 25 beginning

And let’s end with the example mentioned at the beginning of this article: the ring worn by Cobb’s character Beginning. If the whirligig is “officially” his totem, letting him know whether he is asleep or not, in fact, his ring should guide the viewer: every time he is asleep, he wears it, which is not the case. At the very end of the film, he does not wear it.

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