4 atypical objects to dive into the Indian universe

The culture of the American Indians, rooted in nature and art, is distinguished by its myths and beliefs. Its authenticity is something to be envied and has survived the centuries. Even today, he is invited to homes, giving them an original interior decoration.

To recreate the unforgettable universe of Indians at home, here is a list of real decorative or personal items you need to have.

Indian types and what they represent

This is a form of residence typical of Indian peoples. in indian type has existed for centuries and has become one of the most globalized cultural practices. In the past, it served as a shelter for families and protected them from the weather.

Nowadays, Indian wigwag, thanks to its special design, occupies a large place in interior decoration and is especially dedicated to children. In general, this tent can be used as a kind of play area or cocoon. In particular, it allows them to discover the universe of American Indians by developing their cognitive abilities.

You can find it in almost any Native American store around the world or on a specialized site. Depending on the chosen model, you can install a children’s Indian type in the bedroom or outside the house: garden or terrace. In any case, make sure that its material is waterproof, durable and long lasting.

Indian dream catcher: myth or reality

The Indian world was once marked by dreams. Indeed, dreams are of great importance in the eyes of this people. They believe in them, interpret them and defend them with the help of a dream catcher.

If you are tempted to dive into this mysterious universe, feel free to take it home. Place it over the bed or hang it on the wall in your bedroom to truly practice Native American rituals.


The dream catcher is made of rings, nets and feathers. It helps to capture bad dreams. Therefore, they will not be able to disturb your sleep.

Since then, it allows only wonderful dreams to pass, so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

There are several models on the market. There is something for every taste and in every style of decoration. It is available at a price of 14 euros.

For DIY fans, feel free to create your own Indian dream catcher. All you need to do is follow a dedicated online tutorial to succeed.

Indian headdress and its significance

The headdress of the Indians also symbolizes the identity of the Indian universe. It is made of golden eagle tail feathers. A sign of courage, every feather is obtained as a result of an act of heroism. In the tradition of the Indians, this object is intended for leaders and heroes. It is worn only for formal occasions.

To preserve this culture, all you need to do is offer it to yourself or give it to your loved ones. It can be worn especially during disguised parties, it can also complement theatrical outfits or other shows.

On the other hand, it is in itself a subject of decor. Indian headdress hanging on the wall gives a real charm to your interior.

Indian flute

The universe of American Indians is distinguished not only by art, but also very marked by music. Fans of traditional music will undoubtedly want to buy an Indian pan flute. It is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. It consists of several flutes that make melodic and sweet sounds. With each breath, it evokes your vitality and the physical expression of your feelings.

For use as an ornament or instrument, the Indian flute is available on the market in several models. However, you need to consider certain criteria, mainly the tone, to find the perfect model. Choose Sol’s Pan Flute to play folklore. On the other hand, the tenor pan flute C is suitable for classical music.

Finally, be sure to check and compare prices to get a product with good value for money.

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