So, you have finally realized that your website needs some attractive photos, but you are not sure where you can find good photos? Before you start your quest, let us remind you that website owners cannot use every image they find online. Some of these images are copyrighted and protected. As a result of that, their unauthorized use can lead to legal issues. If you want to stay away from legal problems and you still want to use great photos, we suggest the use of free stock photos found on specialized websites. If you are wondering what some of these websites are, keep reading because we are about to present the best ones.

  1. Canva

Some of you might have used Canva for other purposes. Namely, this website has a large collection of free stock photos, but it also serves as an online tool to design your own images. Instead of learning PhotoShop or InDesign, you can use this online tool to edit your images. Don’t forget that the website is offering cheap photos too, but it is very likely that you won’t need them because their free photos are amazing.

  1. Pexels

For many website owners, Pexels is the number one source for getting free stock photos. In addition to the huge library and exciting collections of free photos, this website has an extremely efficient search function. If you are unable to find a good free photo on Pexels, you probably won’t find it elsewhere. Pexels is offering so-called sponsored photos too. These photos are sometimes better, but they are not free.

  1. Kaboompics

Kaboompics is another great website for free stock photos. The only downside is the search function which is not optimized well. So, if you are using this website, be prepared to spend more time to find the right photo. However, Kaboompics has a great feature that allows users to add photos to their library and download everything they need once they are done.

  1. Picjumbo

This is another huge photo depository. Picjumbo has many useful options and the majority of the images found there come with the same high quality. This makes it a lot easier to create collections of images that you can use on your blog, website or social media page. On top of that, Picjumbo has a related image or image suggestions for its users.

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