4th child soon? That “no one knows” about his father

Antony Delon “killed his father a long time ago.” The son of Alain Delon, who is planning to give birth to a fourth child, told Galya about the “claw blow” of his parents and revealed what “no one knows” about their complicated relationship. The 57-year-old actor also spoke about the last moments of his mother Natalie…

Anthony Delon will never forget his mother’s last words Natalie Delonwho died at the age of 79 from pancreatic cancer in January 2021. It was “rehearsal night“, but the ex-wife of Alain Delon did not allow fear to master him.”That night she told me she wasn’t afraid to leave“, Anthony Delon admitted in an interview with the publication Gala, published on July 28. “She was a force of nature. Real luck. A free and brave woman“, he added.

Anthony Delon: his last Christmas with his mother

But before the death of his mother, the son of Alain Delon wanted to remember the last days spent in his company: “I filmed his last Christmas, all his precious moments with friends, children, my father. I asked them about life, about death, about Natalie“. These images, Antony Delon wishes to compile them into a documentary. “It will be called The Best Way to Leave. And so it was with my mother“, he explained. The feature film will be broadcast”on the big screen“where”on the platform“.

Anthony Delon: fourth child soon?

For Antony Delon, Allison’s dad35 years old, Wolf26 years old and book, 20 years, transmission first. “Vovk and Liv have been living with me for seven years. Their mother (his ex-wife Sophie Clerico, editor’s note) of course did a good job then i took her on. I even learned how to cook them, can you imagine?“, he admitted.

The 57-year-old actor is in a relationship with a model Sveva Alvitithink too expand your family. “I would like to have another child. I’m 57 years old and the shooting window is tight right now. In three years it will be too late… Yes, today I am ready. I love my daughters, but to have a little manit would be great“, he admitted.

Anthony Delon “killed his father”

As for the relationship with the famous father, Alain Delon, they are always complex. In his autobiographical work Between the dog and the wolfthe son of the cheetah is especially described his childhood with the actorwith a touch of love, violence and ego.

When journalists only talk to me about three difficult scenes with dad, which I quote in the book, reformulate! I assume everything. But I put all my energy into borrowing the path of resilience, forgiveness. And this is the main topic, not settling accounts. I understood what to forgive one must love and, above all, understand“, Anthony Delon told in detail.

Faced with this confidence, Alain Delon reacted in the media. “That’s true way to kill father“, he fell from Sunday newspaper. What to appeal to the son who assured Gala: “I killed him long ago, Believe me! But I needed to move out and put things in their places“.

Anthony and Alain Delon: what “no one knows”

He said that when I reached 60 – he likes to add years to me (smile) – it’s time for me to behave like a man (silent). Well, you should know that I gave him the book before it came out. And when he came out, he called me and we said very nice words to each otheradded Anthony Delon, baffled by what appears to be double talk on his father’s part.

The fifty-year-old actor also admitted that he installed a touching tradition with father: “I went to see him every two weeks, every Thursday in Dush. We were filming. We talked. We even joked. No one knows. And then he said to me, “Stand still, you’re well done, it’s important that we know who you are, Tony!” I will never forget this“.

And unfortunately: “But after nature sometimes gallops back and he cannot but regain the advantage, scratch me. I don’t blame him, the book and what I tell in it motivated my father to work hard on it. And I wish him well before he goes“.

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