8 details of the pathology that you may have missed

Completed with Star Wars, Episode IX: The Skywalker Uprising released in 2019, postology still hides a few details. You can find our previous article on these 34 winks and hidden links at Skywalker riseor one that unites the other, of the three three trilogies together.

We present here 8 Easter eggs it is difficult to determine what is contained in the postology, between Chewbacca’s improvisation or this connection between Finn and Leah.

# 1 Luke Skywalker’s footprints do not mark the ground

great moment Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, the lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Kaylo Wren ends in defeat for the Jedi Master. However, it is actually a hologram, and Luke is actually on his island. Thanks to this valor, he detained the First Order and allowed the rebels to escape and escape certain death.

But during the confrontation, some clairvoyants may have noticed that when he moved, Luke leaves no marks on the salt floor, and Kylo Wren leaves large red marks. An eye for detail.

№2 One of the bombs has the inscription “Khan greets you

During the First Order evacuation and the persecution scene at the beginning of episode 8, The last Jedi, one of the battleship bombs has a mysterious inscription.

Here it is, written in the language Aurebes (standard translation of the Scriptures in the galaxy) means ” Khan greets you “. Okay Easter eggs missed and confirmed by Ryan Johnson, the film’s director. A way to avenge the death of the famous smuggler and father Ren in a previous opus.

№3 The hatch winks at the C-3PO

In episode 8, The hatch winks at the C-3PO when he arrives at an abandoned rebel base. A gesture of complicity, which certainly means that the droid noticed that Luke is not really there. In addition, it is also about perpetuating the emotional connection that unites the two iconic characters of the saga.

№ 4 Finn and Leia have the same number

Princess Leia’s prisoner’s number and Finn’s assault aircraft number are the same. During the rescue of Princess Leia Luke, Khan, Obi-Wan and Chewbacca in episode 4, on the name of his cell the inscription 2187.

on his side, Serial number of the soldier of the First Order of Finn in the 7th party – FN-2187. A way to pay tribute to the first trilogy and to create a bridge between generations with the passage of the torch of resistance.

But the story is about it Easter eggs in fact it goes much further. Before the release of the village Star Wars: A New Hope George Lucas had the idea to make the film under the influence of several directors. One of them is Arthur Lipsett and his short film 21-87.

№ 5 Chewbacca improvisation

in The force wakes up, Khan Solo takes off his jacket during the scene. Chewbacca later returns it to him, which causes a slight reaction of surprise at the smuggler, played by Harrison Ford.

This reaction is due to the fact that this scene is not included in the script, so it was improvised by Chewbacca actor Junas Suotamo. He later confirmed this Hollywood reporter.

№ 6 Link to JJ Abrams Studio

in Skywalker UprisingBaba Frick’s lab, where Poe and the others are going to Kiji, is full of droid carcasses. Among them are the famous robot and mascot of the studio JJ Abrams and the director of the film Bad Robots.

# 7 Luke’s training drone returns

The training of the lightsaber against the battle drone Luke on Tatooine in episode 4 (1977) is a cult fragment of the saga. in The force wakes up, released in 2015, almost 40 years later, a small drone returns, excavated by Finn on the Millennium Falcon. A great tribute to the first film to come out.

№ 8 Blue Squadron destroyed RogueOne

Death Star attack scene New hope At the time, it was a real visual slap in the face for spectators and a sign of the technological prowess of Georges Lucas and his teams. But the yellow squadronWhere gold in VO, which accompanies the red color, part of which is Luke should have been blue at first. In case of technical problems related to the display, they will be replaced later.

RogueOne (2016) decided to refer to him because during the battle of Skarif, which took place just before the eventsNew hopeIThe Blue Squadron was completely destroyed by the Empire’s forces, making the technical problem a real coherence in the Star Wars universe. And yes, we know that Rogue One is not part of the postlogy!

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