A new study claims that this basic element of films is a big mistake

Cult work of mass culture, star Wars it is a saga that is almost forbidden to appreciate, even if we know that much of what we see is pure science fiction. However, a group of scientists decided to focus on one element that in real life would not look like we see in the movies.

hyperspace in star Wars : we lied?

A small correction after this entry: star Wars it is a cult saga. But even your favorite movies, TV series and other franchise productions matter their share of errors and approximations. This is especially true of hypercosmic travel, those moments when the characters on board the ship exceed the speed of light in a split second. Then they find themselves in a kind of alternative dimension. allowing them to travel instantly from one end of the galaxy far, far to the other.

Seen several times during the saga, hyperspace is especially associated with Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. Through the windows of this, then we can very quickly see the glowing stripes in the form of a tunnel scroll. This idea would be wrong According to a study conducted by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Indeed, according to them, we better see a kind “quantum glow”, associated with a spatial phenomenon called the “Unru effect”. Without going into details, let’s say that according to him, an observer in uniformly accelerated motion will be in a hot environment at a certain temperature, generating radiation, which, if it is intense enough, will be visible as a glow.

Here’s what should happen to ships at high speeds star Warsbut we will have to wait billions of years to test it. A little faster, Researchers say they have found a way to speed up the process.

From theory to practice there is a whole world

To test the theory of a “quantum glow” developed by MIT researchers, we will probably have to wait tens of billions of years before the quantum fluctuation accidentally allows the atom to reach the speed of light. Still, it would be necessary to succeed in observing this phenomenon. Thus, another option is to use photons (listed below), particles whose flux generates electromagnetic radiation. By creating a photon field, this would significantly increase the frequency of quantum fluctuations that cause the Unru effect. The atom will then be placed and accelerated in this photon field along a very specific trajectory, creating the famous effect, discovered in 1976 but never seen before. This is how researchers were able to observe radiation in detail to confirm their theory.

If we use conditional, then it is because The MIT teams explain that they focused on the purely theoretical aspect of the experiment. In practice, to implement this experience, they will have to create an environment conducive to observations, namely a particle accelerator, an instrument that uses electric or magnetic fields to accelerate particles to extremely high speeds.

LHC (Large Hadron Collider), the largest particle accelerator in the world

So we have to wait many more years, especially since researchers insist that nothing guarantees the success of this experiment. On the other hand, they say that they are proud that they have already managed to overcome its theoretical part and, by the way, have taken the central element star Wars ?

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