A recovering falcon at the Bird of Prey Care Center

On Thursday, February 17, a female kestrel was found with a lead shot wound in her leg in Bravon, Eastern Plains. The bird was transferred to the PNRC Bird of Prey Care Center in Korta. He will remain there to recover before being released into his environment.

Unfortunately for him, this was not enough falcon lucky Thursday, February 17 Center for the Care of Birds of Prey of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica (PNRC) is contacted by a person who has just discovered a female kestrel wounded in the leg, in the village sector Bravein eastern plain. Then the bird is trusted Frederick Cervetti, Head of the care center since 2015.

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Wounded by lead

This one quickly takes him to the vet: “The X-ray showed that his leg was broken by a lead shot.explains Frederic Cervetti. The vet put a splint on him to help him heal.”

The bird is then transported to the Bird of Prey Care Center in Court while it recovers: “She has to stay here for about two months while her injury heals.he continues. When his paw heals, we can release him back into his original environment, close to where he was found. And this is for several reasons: she knows her territory well, has her tags there, knows hunting places, which gives her more chances to survive. It is also important to maintain the population balance of the species.

2021: 47% of birds recovered and released

Each year, the raptor care center receives about sixty birds that are injured, suffering or have fallen out of the nest, 40% of them between June and July. In 2021, 47% of them recovered and were able to be released in the territory of origin. Some of the more popular species include the common kestrel, owl, red kite and common buzzard.

“We have a lot of digging near our houses (the little ones fell out of the nest, editor’s note), mainly in kestrels and owls. In the wild, they manage to find a nest with the help of their parents. Near housing, with cats, people, etc. there are more risks. When we can, we return them to the nest.”

Beware of headlights at night

Birds can also experience various shocks. Sometimes they get hit by cars. Headlights confuse nocturnal predators (blinded, they can accidentally rush into transport), if possible, it is better to switch to codes when meeting them. According to the expert, there is a high mortality rate from eagles on the roads.

Killing a predator: 3 years in prison and 50,000 euros

And then, unfortunately, they sometimes become targets of criminals. It is strictly forbidden to shoot birds of prey, which are protected species. Actions that are not without consequences: the destruction of a protected species is punishable by three years in prison and a fine of 50,000 euros. “Even though we don’t often collect birds injured by shooting, it does happen.”– laments the head of the center.

In 2021, Frederic Cervetti’s rescues included an osprey in a weakened state (which spent two weeks at the center) and a barbel operated on after a fractured femur.

For thirty years, the care center established in the park by Roger Maupertuis treated and released birds of prey in distress. To help support and conserve these protected species.

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