Aebi TT281 tractor use notice + for the maintenance of prairies on the beach

The Aebi tractor can be a center of gravity that can be used to work on the roofs of this security site.

Enter the prairies in the plots of land. After the demonstrations with different materials, the Azergues in the Rhône were trapped with the special tractor Aebi l’outil qu’il lui fallait. User notice.

The woman of Azerbaijan is still alive Aebi TT281 + tractor utility notice. All the board, the investment project in a specialized tractor for the prairie entrance of the pente data from previous years. “Avant de se lancer, il fallait que le projet murisse” lance Xavier Gonnet, president of the cuma.

Ainsi, il ya deux ans, a premiere demonstration with a competition Aebi tractor and a radio-controlled broker. Ensuite, a second demonstration realized by an entrepreneur specializing in the activities of ski slopes to make the balance in favor of Aebi.

“The quality of work of two materials is similar. On the other hand, the Aebi tractor is very fast, more powerful and less expensive. ”

The final, in 2021, is the best time to invest and invest in a Aebi TT281 + tractor with a front buoy 2.10m. An investment for a total of € 113,000, well supported by the agglomeration of the West Rhodania and the Region.

Characteristics for wall grinders

Porte par la cuma de l’Azergues, the material regroupe déjà 70 adhérents en provenance des cuma alentours. The activity found a certain success rate of 500 hours on these realizations after the month of July. Two drivers occupied by the conduit. “Cela permet une bonne maitrise du materiel et plus de securité avec des chauffeurs qui ont l’habitude du travail en pente.” The complete service is invoiced 80 € / h with GNR.

A tariff that at the end is less than the final one that has a traditional tractor. The flow rate can be very important.

Photos from the Aebi TT281 + tractor utility notice

La cuma de l’Azergues a fait le choix du tractteur de pente Aebi TT281 + pour l’entretien des prairies en toute securité.

A new cabin with a good visibility on the beach. The guide post is not centrally located on the couch. A main cup to take.

Practical corner, a joystick regroupe all commands.

The lifting capacity is up to 2000 kg. A hydraulic dive system and 315 mm long gauge pipe recently fitted to the broiler notch lors de la marche en crab. There is also a practical practice for eccentric brokers for chemins boards.

The release is up to a capacity of 1800kg. It is used by Cuma to install a trailer with a GNR tube and a thermal compressor for netting and heating radiators.

L’Aebi has 4 motor and direct rounds. An upholstery and tire pressure base has always had a good stability in the corners. Hydrostatic training for adjusting the conduction speed.

A motor accessibility available and practical for current activities.

The 110 hp engine is installed in a central position on the right side. This arrangement includes a good distribution of tables and a center of gravity for work in the peninsula.

A security guard

Ensuite, the great advantage of a report on a standard tractor is that the workload can be realized in the right way. “With a classic tractor, you can work on the side of the bridge and present a risk of reversal.” The work should not be affected in the sense of interest. On the mount, the tires tend to tear the terrain. When descending the parfis, it is possible to keep the tractor.

Plus, Aebi has a center of gravity that can be found lifting weight 2,850kg. “With a work of travertine, it preserves the terrain. It will also be safe and safe. “

For guests, the Aebi TT 280+ has a 110ch power supply. Hydrostatic training for adjusting the working speed in continuity. Ses 4 rounds of motors and directers permettent 4 types of direction: front rounds, front, rear, 4 rounds of direction and creek. The cabin has one very good visibility on the broker installed on the relevant front. The possibility of installing an upholstery in advance and in the array to ensure a good stability.

Seoul flat, the engine hood right on the cabin offers some visibility on the side.

Enfin, to read correctly:

Avis Linder Lintrac 110: a tractor for working in the pennies.

Maitriser la variation continue dans les pentes.

Tractor Better: a specialist in the field.

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