After 30 years of work as a mathematics teacher in Gase, Stefan Lebulsch is retiring

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On Friday, October 21, a special event was held at the Jean Moulin College in Gass (Orne). We celebrated retirement Stefan Lebulcha professor of mathematics at the institution for thirty years.

Many consequences

This is Fr Xavier Lemuelthe director of the facility, who did the honor of recalling the exemplary career of Stephane Lebulche, who defended his right to a pension, the end of a career of high intensity.

“Owner of a general university diploma (Deug) in sciences. Study at the University of Rennes, competition in 1982 for the College General Education Teacher Training (PEGC), followed by military service in the 38th Transmission Regiment in Laval. After his return, in 1983/1984, he studied at a normal school in Cannes and interned at the Hi-Ferghan College in Vimoutier and the Rostan College in Argentina. Appointed to Vimoutier College in 1985, until 1992 by internal competition. He was appointed to Jean Moulin College in 1993 as a mathematics teacher. In 2013, he became an associate professor, and in 2017, he became an extracurricular professor,” the director noted.

Stephane Leboulche is not satisfied with being a math teacher, he gives lessons to adults at Greta, he accompanies trainee math teachers, he participates with his students at Jean Moulin, in French championships in mathematics and logic. Involved in football with ASG youth training. He is also fond of Tarot cards, chess (academy champion), Rubik’s cube (French champion). I enjoyed working with you for a little over two years. I am sure you will spend your retirement well.

Xavier Lemuel

“The greatest gift is your presence”

It was with great excitement that Stefan Lebulche spoke during the evening dedicated to him in front of his colleagues, former colleagues, former directors, sports friends, he shared his great pleasure worked in Hase.

Play is the highest form of exploration. I have always loved games and words. Emotional connections have been made with many of my students through activities close to words. We have had an exceptional collective adventure with the French Rubik’s Cube Championship for about ten years. Mathematical games with L’Aigle, a chess activity for 40 years where we have reached a very good level.

Stefan Lebulch

He adds: “Ours is an extremely time-consuming and demanding job that requires many hours of concentration, it hasn’t always been easy, but it proves that you can be successful in many different areas even after graduating from a rural college. It’s time to make way for a young teacher. I have been very moved for several days and especially today to see you all again.’

to Dives-sur-Mer, the retreat will revolve around games including chess, tarot, tennis, badminton, swimming, travel and biology (beer knowledge) workshops…

New session emotion during the presentation of gifts. Stefan Lebulsch was offered books, tourist guides and an album of photos and messages. The flower arrangement was presented to his wife Laurance.

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A floral arrangement for his wife, Laurence
Flower arrangement for his wife Laurence ©Le Réveil Normand

Stephane Leboulche shed his little tear again as he declared, “The greatest gift of the evening is your presence.” The evening ended with a friendly drink and farewell dinner.

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