After the fires in Gironde: how to help?

More than 20,000 hectares of forest burned in the Landiras and La Teste fires now mark the landscape of the Gironde, but so do the spirits. While in the city of La Teste the fires have already been eliminated, even “under control”, many operations of solidarity or gratitude are being organized. Here to thank the firefighters, there to fund wildlife associations, there again to feed pots organized to support the victims and victims of fires and their environment. A review to help you get involved or raise awareness.

Pots of solidarity:

When solidarity rhymes with holiday, you should not deprive yourself! In the spirit of joyful mobilization, several Bordeaux associations are offering this Friday, July 29, until 11:00 p.m., an “Extin’coeur” charity event. The program includes exhibitions, auctions of creativity and works, entertainment and introductory master classes in street art and hip-hop, or even an evening of concerts with snacks and catering. Donations and profits will feed a kitty installed at each event, promise organizers, who plan several solidarity events after this first opus. Donations and profits will be donated to three associations for the benefit of firefighters, victims of natural disasters and the protection of the fauna and flora of the basin. + info: Extin’coeur

Another initiative offers help through music to several associations in the area in the face of the ecological disaster of fires. 27 artists from the local music scene will be discovered or rediscovered at a charity collection invited by Bordeaux online media Le Type. Electronic music, rock or rap, the music titles are already available for listening, and the compilation “After the flames” can be downloaded for 12 euros on the Bandcamp platform. All proceeds will then be donated to several associations in the region (LPO Aquitaine, Child of the sea, etc.).

helping animals

→ LPO Aquitaine Care Center has so far taken in about twenty animals poisoned by thick smoke, mostly young fawns, as well as fawns and common kestrels. Animals suffering from respiratory problems and connected to oxygen. But it’s only when the fires are brought under control that wildlife is noticed in trouble. Therefore, most of the work is still ahead.
The LPO clarifies that to help these animals, you can, carefully, so as not to expose yourself to danger, put trays with water (type of litter) and put a wooden board or stones in the tank to avoid drowning of representatives of small fauna. If you find an animal that needs care, it is best to contact the nearest care center: all contacts are on the LPO website. Please note that only firefighters have access to disaster zones. It is also not advisable to try to feed a wounded animal.
Finally, you can also make a donation to the Audenge Care Center, buy food and medicine for all its residents, care and analysis equipment.

→ Association AVA, outside the department (Seine-Maritime), also decided to provide exceptional assistance to defense associations animal of the Gironde in several ways, and in particular to donate the collected donations “to shelters local livestock farmers to help them rebuild parks destroyed by fire and health centers for the care of injured wild animals.

Collaborative wildlife observation science

→ The FAUNA platform of the New Aquitaine Regional Wildlife Observatory of the University of Bordeaux has created a shared online space to collect observations of wildlife mortality directly related to the two Gironde giant fires that devastated more than 20,000 hectares of forest, or due to road collisions by animals that fled from the affected areas. Purpose: to determine the most affected species, place and chronology of the consequences of fires. Here, too, be careful not to put yourself in danger, and respect the work of the firefighters who are still on the scene. More information:

Legal aid

Information should be spread: Bar Bordeaux, in partnership with the Department and local authorities, organizes free legal advice for all audiences, tourists, locals and professionals.
From August 1, consultations will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.:
• Every Tuesday: at the Departmental House of Solidarity in Teich (102 Av. de Bordeaux)
• Every Wednesday: at the Departmental House of Solidarity in Bazas (14 Av. de la République)
• Every Friday: at the Departmental House of Solidarity in Langon (34b Cr du Général Leclerc)
On Thursday 4 August at 14:00 at the COBAS Justice Center – Passage de la Traîne access to the reinforced law.
Finally, a dedicated email address has been created to respond to all those unable to travel: [email protected]

Solene Merik
Written by Solene Merik

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