After the phenomenal success of “Jeu de la dame”, Scott Frank is shooting his new mini-series between Gar and Herault.

Successful American producer, director and screenwriter (“Le jeu de la dame”, “Godless”) Scott Frank is preparing his new mini-series “Mr. Spade” with Clive Owen as Sam Spade, the private detective he imagined. Deschiell Hammett. His shooting has been announced in Gar and Hérault since September 2022!

Sam Spade, is that telling you? The name may not be, but the image immortalized on film, even posters, is a must: a cigarette in his mouth, a soft felt hat, a crumpled suit, a disappointed look, a notorious smile on the street corner, a flask of crooked intestines inside pistol reach … Yes, Humphrey Bogart in the legendary John Houston film Maltese falcon (1941). Prior to that, Sam Spade was a recurring character in popular crime novels written by Deschiel Hammett in the 1930s. Almost a century later, here’s a private detective who is about to appear thanks to Scott Frank. Producer, but above all a very talented screenwriter (Get Shorty, Out of Reach, Minority Report, The Interpreter, Logan ...) and a talented directorWalk between the tombsseries Godless), the American is now the most famous in the world due to the fact that he is behind the phenomenal mini-series Le Jeu de la Dame, a historical hit for Netflix. Undoubtedly, this is why it was thought of by producers who have the rights to adapt the adventures of Sam Spade.

A series that drove Sam Spade to the south of France at the end of the Algerian War

In December 2020, Scott Frank spoke in detail in a podcast Watch (through Playlist) a novel, which, therefore, will gain more concrete momentum today: “They called me and asked if I wanted to do something about it. I had no idea about Sam Spade, who seemed a bit of a retro hero to me, so I hung up. But as soon as I hung up, I had an idea. I thought it would be great to show Sam Spade later in life, at the age of 60. That he no longer lives in San Francisco, but an emigrant living in the south of France… »

It was postponed to 1963. Sam Spade was over sixty, so out of the bottle, and that was what prompted him to come to France: he lives on a small wine estate bequeathed to him by his late love. Scott Frank still says: “It’s 1963, the end of the Algerian war, so all these guys are coming back to the country, and all these socio-political things are happening in connection with the Muslim religion. He is in this small town and he has a daughter, Sam Spade and Bridget O’Shaughnessy (character Maltese falcon played Mary Astor in the film with Bogart), who lives in a nearby boarding school. He doesn’t even know if it’s his daughter or not. It is very difficult, but deep down his past returns to haunt him in this small town in the south of France … “

A casting has been launched to find two profiles for the fall shoot between Gar and Hérault

Scott Frank, who co-wrote the screenplay with the creator of the cult series ounces, Tom Fontana, the pilot of the six-part mini-series, chose Clive Owen to play Sam Spade. The perfect choice, because the British actor, of course, has something Bogart. Great in a great series Agility Steven Soderbergh (a close friend of Scott Frank) and in boxes Inside the men and Memory in the skinhe remains and remains above all tragic – and could not be more Bogart – the hero of Alfonso Cuarón’s masterpiece, Sons of man.

Co-production in France Haut et Court on behalf of the star of the Netflix platform, Mr. Spade Filming is scheduled for September next year, especially in the departments of Gar and Hérault. At least that’s what Castprod, a free casting site, said on May 20, a call to apply for two profiles for “one or more days” of filming: “little boy, ages 8 to 10, from North Africa, I speak Arabic . Very little text at the end. Must play an introverted child, closed in on himself. Must play the main character; and a terrible beggar-monk (sic editor’s note!) at first sight. Exhausted face. Tall and thin. Between 40 and 50 years.

As they say in the series before the Great Depression: To be continued. Continuation in the next issue!

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