Ajaccio: Napoleon’s superstar is up for auction at the Campo dell’Oro

On Saturday from 14:00 in the lounges of the Campo dell’Oro, almost 80 lots connected with the emperor and the imperial family will go to those who offer the highest price. Some will be offered from 80 euros, such as a letter opener decorated with an eagle, or a miniature depicting Bonaparte.

This Saturday, Napoleon returns to his family with a hammer from 14:00 in the salons of the Campo dell’Oro. During this auction, organized by the Pastor’s House, Napoleon III and Cardinal Fesch will also be sold through a series of engravings, miniatures and more. “popular objects” and atypical. “J.collected several small collections throughout the Empire. These are mostly small batches, the starting price of which ranges from 50 to 300 for the largest. I wanted this sale to be available to as many people as possible. “explains Carolyn Pietri, a gemmologist from Sarten.

For hours, bidders will be enchanted by, among other things, a bronze letter opener decorated with an eagle, a bust of Bonaparte signed and numbered, or even a bronze inkwell resembling the emperor’s tomb, which can be seen at the House of the Disabled. , with a triangle as a lid. Among the elements of the imperial decor are also a corkscrew with a handle decorated with a statuette of the emperor, a compressed horn box in the shape of a trevungo hat. The artist of previous years added a touch of cockade to the whole, in addition to this a strong allusion to the column of Vendôme Square. Almost all characters are allowed.

Imperial family in seven portraits.  Photos by Lejeune.  - doccm

Some epic-inspired engravings will also be offered during this operation. They represent Napoleonic scene on the eve of Austerlitzreturn from the island of Elba or even Napoleon on horseback or family houserue Saint-Charles in the center of Ajaccio.

Here everything goes, kitsch, very beautiful and very delicate, unexpected, rare, exceptional. The latter corresponds, in particular, to two pieces of velvet. “This is a strip of livery with the coat of arms of Cardinal Fesch. In Italy, servants wore the insignia of their employer. This strip most often adorned the collar of their clothes or sleeves. This is a very rare thing.comments Caroline Pietri.

Very touching documents

Among the nuggets that will raise bets is a miniature of Cardinal Fesch of 1810, then mourning cards printed during the Second Empire and not found today. The sad family announces the disappearance of Napoleon III to the world, as well as to all supporters of the House of Bonaparte. So are we “thank you faithful friends” for “Evidence of their commitment and devotion”. And ends with “Everything for people and from people”. “We have a card with the prayers of the Imperial Prince, which we had to pass to the church. Another is written in English. In fact, it is a very political gesture, which also aims to strengthen and perpetuate existing ties.more expert.

The box for cockerel hats is made of pressed horn.  - doccm

These documents “very touching”as well as seventy-nine other lots “Napoleonic”, will be on display at the Campo dell’Oro today from 14:00. Curious people are invited to open them until 20:00, as well as on Friday from 11:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday from 11:00 to 12:00.

All objects come from separate funds. They illustrate dynamic asset management. Paintings, jewelry, sepia photos, figurines and more are regularly passed from hand to hand. Too often, families keep several items and separate from those to which they are least attached. During the succession, the legatees usually entrust the auction house with goods that they are not really interested in.analyzes the expert.

Napoleon is depicted at his table.  - doccm

On Saturday, she expects bets to rise. She relies on her passion for Corsica and Napoleon. It is based on the experience gained in auction halls. In Drouot, for example, when Corsican maps are put up for sale, people buy them. Most buyers, in this case, are from the island. “

The image and trajectory of the Emperor gave rise to various objects that enthusiasts accumulate and exchange as needed. The greatest collector of Napoleon I met in my life was an American. He created a real museum in his house. It ranged from a jar of cookies to a marble bust. she says.

Everything fascinates even what seems most banal, as soon as Napoleon l’Ajacien intervenes.


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