Alain Delon and Dalida: a story of hidden love

HASIn the mid-1950s, Alain Delon and Dalida were still unknown, two ambitious young men who dreamed of breaking into the capital of all possibilities … Brunette Yolanda Gillotti left Egypt with some meager baggage, the title of Miss Egypt, several small roles in movies, and solid intention to impose its oriental charm on French cinema. In fact, she struggles to make ends meet by living in a maid’s room at 8 Jean-Mermoz Street.and Parisian district, and never stops holding castings with anger to succeed. We advise him to try the song, we love warm voices, Gloria Lasso in the sky, and with her oriental style Yolanda was able to find a niche. Why not, if the glory is at the end of the tunnel …

It was at this time that she crossed paths with a handsome guy with brazen charm, steel blue eyes and monstrous nerves. In 1956, Delon returned from Indochina, where he distinguished himself by disobedience – he celebrated his 20th birthday alone, at the bottom of the mitarda. He joined the flag to avoid the profession of butcher, but was released three years and three months later. Here he is free and left alone in Pigalle, diving without a net in a shady neighborhood and among thugs, where he almost becomes a pimp …

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Chances of life mean that he is also babysitting in a loft room next to young Dalida. He then earns three su, working in Les Halles or in bars. “I lived, worked at night, and early in the morning I fell into a small hotel room on the rue Jean-Mermoise, near the Champs Elysees,” the star told Michel Drucker one day. On the same floor, in another attic, lived a Yolanda Giglotti. She came from the Middle East with, as her only baggage, the title of Miss Egypt in 1954. We dreamed of glory and light… »

Cooked from the beginning

They sympathize, remake the world, when the spirit of one fails, returning from the casting, the other supports him. It happens that Allen accompanies Dalida to auditions, cabaret, in search of the stage and cache – she begins to sing at the Golden Scratch and at the Villa d’Este, not far from the Champs. And in the evening, when there is nothing to eat, we are satisfied with a cool egg under the roofs of Paris. There is nothing better than months of bohemia to make a lifelong friendship …

We know the rest: both will break through quickly and make an exceptional career. Young Delon takes his first steps into cinema When a woman intervenes, Yves Allegra, and got his first big role in 22 years Christina, next to Romi Schneider, with whom he had an as much mythical affair as in the media, they were nicknamed the “Brides of Europe.” At the same time, Dalida enjoyed dazzling success with her hits “Bambino”, “Gondolier”. » then “Come Prima”, and continues touring Europe «

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Their paths cross again a few years later, when they finally touch the glory: Delon triumphs in cheetah, The Golden Palm Branch in Cannes, and Dalida is considered one of the most popular singers in France. They are barely thirty, and their private lives are as exciting as their careers: the singer leaves her mentor Lucien Morris to live an idyll with artist Jean Sobieski, and Delon divorces Roma for Natalie … That’s when they will live a short romance. under the Italian sun, a few nights of love and serenity snatched from tours and filming, and above all, well hidden from the paparazzi, as recently confirmed in Point Orlando, Dalida’s brother: “It was in 1963 in Rome. I didn’t know it then… My life ended at my sister’s bedroom door. But it made me happy… He is almost a member of the family. »

Words, words…

Ten years later, their relationship remained unbroken when they recorded a hit that shook the whole of France: “Paroles, Paroles”, an adaptation of an Italian song that has since become a cult duo of two stars … Dalida immediately thinks that Alain gives him a line, which immediately accepts. When he arrives at the Ladies’ Studio, in the 17th centuryand district of Paris, she has already recorded her voice. “More words, always words, the same words,” says the song. When he shouts in his cavernous voice, “How beautiful you are, how beautiful you are,” Dalida bursts out laughing outside the studio window … Their schedule won’t allow them to sing this song live once on stage or on television. .

Three years ago on CNews, the last great beast of cinema could not hold back tears when he heard this duet with his lifelong friend, who disappeared one spring evening in 1987, swallowing tubes of barbiturates. “Next, she upsets me because I loved this woman terribly, and I suffered so much when she was forced to leave… And I would like to be there so as not to let her go like that. But she made a decision, she didn’t want to come back, she wanted to leave, she left very quickly. And I know why… ”

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