Alain Delon was expected as a real star

Last summer, his assistant came to feel the atmosphere of the festival for the first time. Markedly…

Last summer, his assistant came to feel the atmosphere of the festival for the first time. Apparently she told him the best. So in the fall, Fema returned to the charges, and the translator of Borsalino agreed to come to the Croisette in La Rochelle.

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As always, the film festival among the three most important in France cultivates a certain sanity to welcome this “sacred monster” of French cinema. However, after announcing a few days ago in honor of the actor of “Red Circle” and “La Piscine” with at least 21 films in the restored version, a round table in the presence of experts and a poster right in his fright, Fema probably suspected that he was going to insert a chip in ear.

“Rocco and his brothers” Visconti will be presented in a restored version at the La Rochelle Film Festival in early July.

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We have never welcomed such a star. You have to be on top! »

But again, two of his co-directors, Sophie Miruz and Arno Dumaten, decided not to make a publicity stunt. For three months of the event, we have no problems confirming the arrival of the actor, but we do not make boxes. This is not the genre of home, which has always protected itself from the stars and brilliance, putting everything on hereditary cinema, retrospectives dedicated to the fallen directors, and demanding foreign filmography.

Rene Clement's

Rene Clement’s “Plein soleil” will be one of 21 films to be shown on the big screen of Fema.

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Romy Schneider and Alain Delon in Jacques Dere's

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon in Jacques Dere’s “Sand”, which will be revealed in a restored version of Fema.

Sunset Boulevard

The first Cannes

The countdown for the La Rochelle Cinema Festival team has begun. Three programmers (Sophie Miruz, Sylvie Pras and Arno Dumaten) will travel to Cannes in a few days to make their traditional market there. Objective: to return about twenty films selected from all sections of Cannes, which will be presented at a preview in La Rochelle, with 1is until July 10. Including the opening film. “I look forward to a very moving Cannes Film Festival with a return to normalcy and brilliance after two years of crisis. There are big stakes for the entire film industry. We are preparing 50and ambitious publication. You have to be optimistic, ”says the director.

The only poster

For now, Fema will no doubt have to unfold the red carpet to properly meet the man who is considered the greatest post-war actor, on his account of almost 80 films. “Alain Delon represents the golden age of French and Italian cinema from the 1960s to the 1980s. He has played in about fifteen masterpieces and has a filmography that fits perfectly into the identity of the festival. This tribute is well suited to the 50th anniversaryand anniversary. We have never welcomed such a star. You have to be on top! “, – admits Sophie Miruz.

And the least we can say is that the actor should not be disappointed. Starting with the poster. By the way, this is the first time in almost forty years of cooperation, when the artist Stanislas Bouvier signed a poster for the life of the artist. He has already painted Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, Louise Brooks, all the missing … His new work (real picture), inspired by the “Plein soleil” plan, was confirmed by Delon. Foo!

In terms of filmography, Fema has selected 21 feature films, from Visconti’s Rocco and His Brothers to Melville’s Red Circle and Derei’s History of the Police. These masterpieces will be presented in a restored version, which again promises to impress visitors to the festival. Because this is really one of the main features of the meeting in La Rochelle: to see on the big screen cult films that we know by heart, but which many of us have never seen in places other than on television. This is the magic of digital technology.

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