All French cinema at the 75th Cannes Film Festival

in Official selection, and in the competitionthree directors and the director wear tricolor colors: Claire Denny (whose “Noon Stars”, however, is a Franco-American joint production of the minority), Arno Depleschen, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, who returns to the competition nine years after Les Estivants, and Leonor Serraille, who is presenting her second feature film (after The Young Woman) and competing. A dozen French co-productions (including most for Albert Serra’s film) complement the very significant French presence in the competition.

Out of competition, the expected directors will return to Croisette: Michelle Hazanavicius, Louis Garrel, Nicolas Bedos and Cedric Jimenez. And the Cannes premiere will allow you to discover the series of Serge Boson, Emmanuel Moore, Dominic Molly and Rashid Bouchareb, not forgetting the HBO series Olivier Assayas “Irma Vep”, a return to his character from the film of the same name.

Some of the first French films before In some perspective (Rodeo, Les Pires) and a new opus by Mathieu Vadepier, Tirailleurs, which will open this section.

Animation Le Petit Nicolas РWhat are we waiting for to be happy? will be presented in Special screeningas well as several French documentaries, including Salam, about the singer Diam, which she co-directed with Hood Benjamin and Anne Ciss̩.

 On the front Two weeks of directorsThe French selection is rich, the vast majority of films are French or French co-production. Note the presence of many expected women directors in France and abroad, such as Mia Hansen-Love, Alice Vinocour or Lea Misius, as well as Thomas Salvador, Philippe Focon, Nicolas Pariser and Charlotte Le Bon’s first films (most of the interlocutors). produced by Franco-Canadian) and writer Annie Erno.

And it’s also a predominantly French co-production of the film, which opens in two weeks: L’Envol by Italian Pietro Marcello.

 The Critics’ Week will allow visitors to see the first feature film by Simon Riet (Nos ceremony), and out of competition – a new film by Clement Cogitore, as well as the first feature film by Celine Devo, who refused to animate for real images from “Everyone Loves” Joan.

 True to its promises of cinema beyond the dead ends, theACID – Sticks in particular, will present five French films, including a new film by Damien Manivel.

Finally, we note in the selection Cane Classicin addition to the presentation of a restored copy of La Maman et la putain, the presence of four French documentaries about filmmakers: “Gerard Philippe, Last Winter Sid” by Patrick Jedi, “Patrick Dewar, my hero” by Alexandra Moax, “Romi, Free Woman” by Lucy Keries and Champion, woman from the movies “Julie Bertucelli.

All French films at the Cannes Film Festival 2022

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