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Most people do not get their first neck tattoo. They usually choose popular tattoo areas such as biceps, forearms or even ankles. Even people who already have tattoos are hesitant to get a tattoo on their neck, because with a face tattoo it is a bold part of the body that you should be able to imagine. Here are 3 neck tattoo ideas that are worth exploring before you act!

What men’s neck tattoos to do to be stylish? 3 options according to your wishes!

If the trends of men’s tattoos in 2022 do not immediately lead us to a tattoo on the neck, it is quite possible to go against the flow! Thus, tattoos on the neck, of course, attracts the most attention. So, this is the place of choice among men who have something to say!

What a pain tattoo on the neck 2022

In fact, its unusual location and inability to disguise it make it attract everyone’s attention. For better and for worse. Therefore, we advise you to think carefully and not leave the choice of design to chance. It is important that the tattoo design fits the curves of the neck.

Neck tattoos: how about pain?

pain tattoo man on neck 2022

This, of course, depends on individual tolerability. In general, the larger, wider, or longer the tattoo, the more likely it is to be painful, because the longer it will take to perform it. In addition, the neck area hurts a lot. Indeed, the skin at the level of the throat in this place is very thin and very sensitive.

to Choose a Tattoo on the Neck for Men 2022 |

In addition, there are many muscles and nerve endings in the throat that may not respond best to the touch of a needle. Finally, you may find it difficult to breathe during a tattoo. So keep this in mind before you start!

Discreet tattoo

restrained tattoo on the neck 2022

This seems like a good idea for a male tattoo for the most embarrassed of us. Discreet tattoo that takes pride of place on your skin. In fact, a tattoo on your neck does not necessarily mean that you no longer have visible skin. Why not choose a minimalist and restrained tattoo. This can give you a completely elegant and not too provocative style. In 2022, neck tattoo trends are moving towards writing. So, in a beautiful typology of your choice, you can make an inconspicuous tattoo on the sides of the neck. In our opinion, this is a type of tattoo that combines courage and style of the thigh.

Discreet tattoo on the neck of the male trend of 2022

In addition, it is assumed to be much easier than a disproportionate tattoo, which is applied to the entire neck. Because everyone will find something for themselves, you can also choose symbols: a geometric tattoo or a characteristic of your personality, a totem animal … and many other options! Tip: Do not do this in the middle of the neck. Prefer it to be slightly on the sides. Guaranteed effect!

Rose tattoo

make a rose tattoo on the neck of a man 2022

Obviously, for women, a flower tattoo is a reliable bet. However, men can also wear this type of tattoo with the class without looking too girly. Thus, the rose is a key trend in 2022. Indeed, it is a flower with different meanings. Its location on a man’s neck makes the contrast between femininity and masculinity very interesting.

rose tattoo on the neck trend of 2022

Getting a rose tattoo on your neck is a way to imagine your sensitivity while maintaining your masculine side. Also, rose tattoos for men look very sexy if they are placed on the neck. Guaranteed conquests! In summary, small or large, color or black and white, a rose can be tattooed separately or even, for the most daring, inside the tattoo. So you like it?

An original idea for a male tattoo on the neck? Eagle!

choose an eagle tattoo on his neck in 2022

In general, bird tattoos are very popular with women. No matter, in recent years, eagle tattoos have gained popularity among men. To accept it means to give a strong sign of courage. A very masculine eagle tattoo emphasizes style. Indeed, it brings a good dose of courage and audacity. Making wings or an eagle around your neck will emphasize your rebellious side. This is not a tattoo that should be treated lightly. So, it is designed for the most convinced of you, able to assume this every day.

Eagle neck tattoo for men 2022

Keep in mind that the eagle is a symbol of power, physical strength, dominance and power. And the wings you tell us? They are usually done from the center to go on each side of the neck. Then it is possible to decorate tattoos, adding different patterns over time. Take your time and make the choice that best suits your personality!

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