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Speak, people, speak. And the Andalusian people spoke. Spain is on fire. Polls have confirmed that the wind of change is approaching. The revolution is called: Juanma. The vast majority (58 seats). Abstinence. Government for all. Humility. Reforms. Work. A good program until 2026.

Decent death for Ciudadanos (0 seats) Marin resigns. Sanchismo’s direct blow to Juan Espadas’ jaw (30). Disappointment in VOX. Macaranaso (14). Left depressed (5 + 2). By ideological blocs: 63% center-right. 37% remain. Election turn. Historical day. The Feijo effect worked. Municipal and regional elections will be the ultimate goal before the general election and La Moncloa. The Andalusians freed themselves from the socialist yoke. Even in Dos Hermanas and Conil.

The campaign was campaigned by three national bosses: Sanchez, Feijoo and Abascal.. Among the guests, Lastra reached the top: in Cadiz, he accused the PP of corruption, and in Seville, he encouraged “to go to the polls so as not to take to the streets this Monday to start an anti-fascist struggle.” alarms”. The same mantra of Iglesias three years ago to create a “sanitary border” in San Telmo and prevent Juanma Moreno’s investiture. Hanoi Democrats. Or from Tehran.

Yolanda Diaz was on top in Cordoba and announced that she was “I will take a step to win Spain”. (Deep). And clinging to her compatriot from El Ferrol, who is not allowed to rest even in the cemetery of El Pardo, she said: “Vote in the name of Franco’s repression.” (Very deep). We learned from Woody Allen that “the deepest thing is emptiness.” And this woman aspires to be a beacon of the new transversal left, which plans to begin its “initial path of listening” on July 8, forty-eight hours after her companion Oltra found herself on the dock in Valencia without resigning. Does it stick? Multiply by zero, vicechulísima Yolanda. What a squad!
elections in Andalusia

nailed lies

The four endless years of Sanchismo were enough to prove that the Socialist-Communist government coalition had failed on all fronts. At home, the vast majority of Spaniards took to the streets to tell Sanchez that the crisis was killing them. In the economy, you only need to look at five bills: electricity, gas, water, diesel and telephone. The food bank has empty shelves.

Making ends meet is a miracle. How did we get here? Because of degeneration. Nothing ever happens. This is the realm of eternity. Or, according to Secretary-General Isabel Rodriguez’s spokesman, “we have a lot of money to spend and little time.” Let’s waste it. It will be her and Mrs. Meyer, who were awarded almost 150,000 euros for being Irene Montero’s chief of staff. What a disadvantage for 29 months of the official headquarters, received in digital form!

Gas shortages – the heat obliges – have been a good deal for France, Andorra and Portugal. Now they are preparing an attack on the accounts of power companies, not gas companies, which we, consumers, we pay.
elections in Andalusia

We are champions of deficit, debt, unemployment, exports and school failures. The campaign warns that wheat is running out and chickens could become a luxury in a few months. As the President distributes millions on environmental and digital LOSSES, the purchase of used cars is growing. Gasoline can reach three euros per liter. Beware of the self-employed and taxpayers. Shopping is a worse test than getting sick.

But, don’t worry, next year the university’s high marks, the successful completion of the unfinished course and with the new LOMLOE Celáa-Alegría, it will be time to bury the cultural efforts with honor. OECD and PISA figures compensate for laziness. And ministers (collectively) will continue to mislead us by saying that pensions will rise in line with inflation. The social security deficit exceeded 100,000 million without meeting the Toledo Pact.

From Sanchez to Diaz, Montero and Bellarry, passing through Bolaños and Calvinho, they will lie to us every day as much as possible. The surplus of public waste now that the ECB will stop buying sovereign debt. The fun is over. The reality will be radical and cruel.

The warm autumn is not due to tax cuts and increases, but because trade unions and employers’ organizations have reduced their subsidies in Castile and Leon. Manueko and racer Gallardo should also start by reducing them. Box at IRPF at the request of the church. I don’t think it will be last summer, but I predict that next fall will be warmer than that hellish week in mid-June.
elections in Andalusia

Rebels for the cause

The consequences of four years of improvisation and distraction have taken us to a dead end. Spanish ship sails in the fog. Foreign policy is a series of nonsense that can be explained, but which the fighter for transparency does not reveal. The unilateral decisions taken from Gali, the secret letter to Morocco changing the position on the Sahara, and the expected reaction from Algeria, our main gas supplier, have led us to ask for EU mediation. This did not prevent insults to EEAS Minister Jose Manuel Albares or unexpected statements by Nadia Calvinho, who blames Putin. It is a logical consequence not to rely on your ministers, your coalition government and your national parliament. Autocracy does not create Spain.

We know nothing about the collapse of trust in our CNI after the executive found that the president and several ministers were spying on the Pegasus program. Did we blackmail the president? We are in the hands of incompetent people. It will take us months to restore this situation in the top three, while our situation in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla is getting more complicated. The rupture of the cooperation agreement with Algeria affects many sectors. Mallorca is already suffering from the consequences. The state pact on foreign policy and defense, proposed by opposition leader Alberto Nunez Feijoo, has become a necessity. Sanchez is now an insurmountable wall to change the situation in North Africa and return to normal life. The doctor is depreciated.
elections in Andalusia

NATO, 40 years is nothing

Our president is preparing to hold an interim reception for all Atlantean leaders, led by Biden and Zelensky as a guest star.. Madrid will be protected for two weeks, and the highest level (5) of the national security law will be applied for the first time. The NATO summit will be synonymous with brilliance and glamor – even if it does not tarnish Sanchez’s image in the Maghreb and Mediterranean foreign policy – which will culminate in the announcement of a greater economic contribution to defense. Of course, the additional 7 billion will not reassure the head of Podemite. Putin continues to support the invasion of Ukraine. Of course, 40 years later, enlarged NATO will not take Ceuta and Melilla under its umbrella. And it is doubtful that it monitors illegal immigration and drug and human trafficking from the Sahel to Europe. NATO Ukraine

dangerous friendship

The shock of last Sunday’s Andalusian election shook the Sanchezism I already felt was living on a razor’s edge. I fear that European funds (opaque reptiles) will not revive this PSOE, which capitulated to PNV and abandoned the street in Vitoria in memory of Miguel Angel Blanco, and Bild abstained; the socialism of the ERC, which despises justice, humiliates the Aragonese of Lambano and continues to support in Valencia (Ximo Puch) the concealment of a pedophile crime committed by her husband, Luis Rodriguez Icardi, sentenced to five years in prison. These are the facts. Oltra-ultra, of the Compromís, is now blackmailing Puch, threatening to break up the Socialist-Communist coalition. Obscene communism.

He follows the same steps that the left has always taken since the 1930s : He does not resign for ethical reasons in order to defend democracy, because all these are conspiracies of the extreme right. Prosecutors and judges formed a conspiracy instigated by the new fascism of the Vatican. Teresa, a young woman who was abused, was humiliated for complaining, harassed, and fired. She came to the judge in handcuffs. “If they hit one of us, they hit us all,” they said at a rally on Saturday.
elections in Andalusia

Monica Ultra was the one who demanded the resignation of Kemps and Barber, and the one who came to resume political life with Yolanda, Colau, Monica Garcia and Montero. Her silence betrays the deception of this libertarian feminism, which forgives aggressors such as Juana Rivas and Maria Sevilla, claiming them as subsidized “defending mothers.” Of course, the Berlin Wall in the GDR was also called the “anti-fascist firewall.” dangerous friendship.

This period of economic, political and moral uncertainty will have another special (bitter-sweet) taste when the Supreme Court rulings against Manuel Chavez and Jose Antonio Grignan, former presidents of the Junta and PSOE, accused of embezzling public funds (almost 700 million) are known in a few days. ). Two honest people (ZP, Dixit). They can certainly be honest, but they are not..

If Sanchez pardoned the putschists, I don’t think he would be up to five minutes to release and pardon his own, including Pepote’s brother Rodriguez de la Borbolla (Angel) for robbing the Andalusian junta of 8 million euros and 18 months to prison. Will he at least return the money? No. Days of wine, prostitutes, Coca-Cola and seafood may be over! Blessed be the drops that filled the glasses of Andalusian socialist and trade union immorality!
elections in Andalusia

Despite the fact that Moreno spoke out against corruption, people will again pass the bill to Dr. Perez-Castejon in the local and regional elections in May 2023. He will be the next target in the general election. If 4M / 2021, IDA dismantled Iglesias and Podemos in Madrid, at 19J in Andalusia, Juanma knocked out Don Pedro and Sanchismo.

With these results, he decides to continue the insults and bigotry where they left off. One thousand five hundred days after his ascent to La Moncloa and the attack on the sky, he walked on the horizon and contemplated the Falcon’s rainbow. This is close to the last journey, which is no other alternative than constant democratic involution. From today, Pedro Sanchez is becoming more dangerous than ever. When change comes, our revenge will be to survive.

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