Anthony Delon tried to forgive his father before leaving

The relationship between Alain Delon and his son Anthony became the subject of press headlines after the release of the latter’s autobiography. In this book, the director makes new discoveries about his father’s character, which would have made his childhood particularly difficult.

On March 10, 2022, the eldest son of the ¨cheetah¨ released an autobiography ¨Entre chien et loup¨, published by the Cherche-Midi publishing house. Since then, the book has topped the charts.

According to his testimony, Anthony Delon lived a brutal childhood because of his father, who was very strict and strict.

From now on, he is trying to reconcile with his father. We invite you to learn about the reaction of the “cheetah” to his son’s accusations. He also spoke about his desire to have a son. Details.


In his autobiography, Antony Delon mentioned many aspects of his life that were still unknown to the general public. In particular, he talked about his childhood, and above all, about the “strict” nature of his father, which left him with painful memories.

According to Anthony Delon, his childhood was particularly difficult, largely because of his father. The latter was quite strict with him, which he did not appreciate.

Although his book looks like a settlement of accounts, Anthony Delon said it is not. Invited to the set at 8.30pm on Sunday 20 March 2022, he said the following:

“Today I am 57 years old, and I realized that there is no such thing as a perfect family, that many of us had wounds that prevented us from being ourselves, such as abandonment or other traumas.”

Earlier, he mentioned his relationship with his father, saying:

“I think that he, like me, is very distant from this, from our life, from our past, from these conflicts, from certain things that I talk about in this book. We are at peace with all this.

What does the ¨cheetah¨ think about these accusations? The famous actor gave an interview to Le Parisien on April 9, 2022. He began with these words:

¨We were together three days ago – now we see each other regularly – and I feel that he is coming to terms with himself. The book benefited him.

He continued as follows:

“There are some good things, some not so good. He’s almost 60 today, that’s the age when you have to think like a person of that age, not like a child. What makes him happy hurts me a lot. It’s hard for a father. But it his memories… It must be a way to kill his father.’

Actor Alain Delon. And Source: Getty Images

Regarding his attitude towards his son in childhood, Alain Delon made a remark:

“I was a serious and strict father, that’s all. But he was the son of Alain Delon, it’s not easy.”

The relationship between Alain Delon and his son has always been special. The revelations made by Antony only confirm this.


On July 28, 2020, Alain Delon’s son gave a new interview about his relationship with his father. In the columns of Gala magazine, he made unprecedented confidence:

“We had a tradition: I went to see him every two weeks, on Thursdays, in Dusha. We were filming. We talked. We even joked. No one knows. And then he said to me, “Stand still, you’re well done, it’s important that we know who you are, Tony!” I will never forget this

he said.

Anthony and Alain Delon.  And Source: Getty Images

Anthony and Alain Delon. And Source: Getty Images

Despite these moments of complicity, Alain Delon’s strict and dominant character always prevailed.

¨But then nature sometimes comes galloping back, and he can’t help but get the upper hand, scratch me. I don’t blame him, the book and what I tell in it motivated my father to work hard on it. And I wish him well before he goes,

he admitted.

His book continues to generate reactions from people here and there, but the director remains formal: he is convinced that the book gave his father a chance to understand a certain number of things about their relationship. They seem to have become closer to each other.


On a sentimental level, Anthony Delon is the heart to take after his breakup with Sveva Alviti. He has three children whom he adores more than anyone: Alison Le Borges (35 years old), Lou Delon (26 years old) and Liv Delon (21 years old). He values ​​the relationship he has with his children, for whom he knows how to be available.

“Lou and Liv lived with me for seven years. Their mother, of course, did well, then I took care of them. I even learned to cook for them, can you imagine?”,

he told Gala magazine.

He is very proud of his relationship with his daughters, but still has some regrets. Indeed, Antony Delon would like to have a son:

“I love my daughters, but having a little man would be great”

he admitted.

He feels ready to open a new chapter in his life, the chapter of fourth parenthood. The director wants this to happen as soon as possible:

¨I am 57 years old and the window of opportunity is now narrow (…) In three years it will be too late…¨,

he admitted.

He realizes that his daughters will soon run away and leave the family cocoon. He continues to be available to his angels and intends to support them in all the trials of their lives.

As for his celibacy, you can bet it won’t last long. Anthony Delon is an attractive man whose charm leaves few people indifferent. Maybe he will be able to fulfill his dream of having a son, that’s all we wish for him.

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