Apple reveals the secrets of creating sound effects of “Star Wars”.

In a video posted on its YouTube channel, Apple interviewed teams that helped create the most famous sound effects in the Star Wars saga. We find elements that allowed to create the sound of a lightsaber or the sound of droids’ footsteps, as well as the work that was done to make them reliable on the screen.

Skywalker Ranch, where they made the sounds of Star Wars or even Indiana Jones // Source: Apple

Are there more iconic and recognizable noises among the thousands without images than the sounds of the saga Star Wars? If you close your eyes while scrolling through a movie, or even a TV series or even an animated movie, you can easily recognize the first shot, X-wing takeoff or lightsaber strike. This magic is due to the sound engineers and their ability – their very creativity – to find the perfect sound effects.

Amid advancing the power of its iMac, MacBook and latest Mac Studio, Apple released on its YouTube channel this Wednesday, May 4, the official day # 4 May Be with you for all fans of the saga, a video showing the work done by Skywalker Sound teams working on the design of the sound style Star Wars. Video rich in explanations and discoveries for saga lovers and the most interesting.

“Listen to the world around you”

“Sound is at least 50% of the cinematic experience “It simply came to our notice then. And rightly so. It was on the Skywalker Ranch, a place designed and owned by the creator of the Star Wars universe, that the sounds of movies and other saga derivatives were born, the most famous sounds were invented, mixed and edited.

Enough to create a Skywalker Sound library with almost a million sounds that can be recognized from the first time to accompany the steps of stormtroopers, the Millennium Falcon takeoff or even the “lyrics” of R2-D2.

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On this symbolic day, Apple is apparently losing touch with the Skywalkers Ranch. Places dotted with devices decorated with apples to create audio edits or sound recordings, “even on the iPhone”, assure us.

Thus, Ben Bertt, the original sound engineer of the first films star Warsand franchise Indiana Jonesexplains that he started on “Macintosh SE a long time agoperform word processing as a writer before switching to a Mac to edit the sounds recorded on the street in Final Cut Pro. “We’re always looking for sounds that evoke emotion,” says El Nelson, head of editing and sound design at Skywalker Sound.

Sometimes strange creations, which resulted from the noise of the body or the breakdown of the keyboard, from the moving saturation of the microphone, which led to the now recognizable sound effects among all. Strange cough, which also becomes an iconic voice. “You have to listen to the world around you and create a collection of sound effects“, Hammer Bert advises all those who want to work with sound, to classify all the sounds restored, because”every time you create a sound library, you make a creative choice. »

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