At L’Aigle, be with the isolated elderly during the heat

For reinforcement, volunteers presented bottles of water (©DR)

We met Ophelia Cloire hired coordinator to the association Little brothers of the poor in L’Aigle (Orne) and one with volunteers Patrice Reinhartwhich deals with the administrative aspect.

Association has existed since then December 2020 on Cdc Pays de L’Aigle. The goal was “to start conquering rural areas, because there are a lot of requests,” he clarifies Ophelia Cloire. The association Petits Frères des Pauvres fights against solitude isolated elderly people.

“This is a new confinement”

WITH temperature increasethere are elderly people twice as lonely. “This is a new confinement for them.”

Be doubly present for these people, this is the goal they set three active volunteers in the area this summer.

We have too few human resources to meet our needs.

Ophelia Cloire

Fewer scheduled visits to “encourage people to stay at home when it’s too hot and also to protect volunteers.”

Fewer visits it’s true but bind it, always present“it’s important to keep in touch through our phones.”

Volunteers call the most isolated people at least once a day to “hear them”.

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Volunteers remind habits to adopt“we are following the Little Brothers of the Poor national heat wave plan to advise isolated elderly people (close the shutters, cool down, avoid going out) is different from what is installed in nursing homes.

Ehpad heat map

The thermometer continues to rise. The heat wave covers the entire territory and sets temperature records. Faced with a heat wave, L’Aiglontine Nursing Home is following the National Nursing Home Heat Plan. The elderly are the most vulnerable to this climate change and carers need to be “more vigilant than before”. Continuous monitoring during peak hours. Where the sun is highest, it’s time to rest, at home. “We can’t keep them from going out for fresh air either, but we’re watching them.” Water bottles are distributed regularly throughout the day and water-rich menus are preferred.

“The rise in temperature has changed our actions,” he confirms Ophelia Cloire. The individual activity remain essentially the same but remain unchanged adapted to the weather. “We can cancel if it’s too hot.”

To compensate for the lack of social connections, collective departures horse-drawn carriage rides are being organized as of late.

To meet the isolated

Faced with the high temperature of the day, the association provided water bottles, gentlemen to meet any need.

The same as with recommended measures “stay at home, the shutters are closed,” the participants said Little brothers of the poor are moving home bring to more isolated and unstabletools for beat the heat.

We bring fans, packs of water bottles.

Patrice Reinhart, volunteer

very attentive in the state mentalbut also physicalvolunteers will pay attention (especially in telephone mode) to behavior of the person ahead.

We check whether heat does not change his physical state, if, for example, a person makes incoherent remarks.

Patrice Reinhart and Ophelie Cloire

In these cases, we dial 15.

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