At L’Aigle, companies “have not yet suffered too much” from the crisis

The refueling limit is 30 euros. © DR

Queues are more or less long depending on the hours of operation at the gas stationIntermarché in L’Aigle (Orne). To deal with the crisis, the brand limited filling up the tank to 30 euros and implemented a prefecture ban on the sale of packaged fuel. Resort village Leclerc closed his gas station during non-business hours.

Despite this shortage and current restrictions, various professional fields haven’t had much of an impact yet “at the moment” in its activities. This is the case Aiglon and Valburg ambulanceswho managed to stock up on fuel without any consequences for their activities.

Richard Rousseau, director Smith, makes the same observation. “As of today, we have no supply issues, so this does not affect our business. On the other hand, we continue to closely monitor the situation,” he said.

The development of the situation worries specialists

On Saturday, October 15, 27.3% of service stations experienced problems with supply. This is a slight improvement from the day before, according to figures released by the energy minister. Agnes Panier-Runacher.

But in L’Aigle, some specialists are worried about the development of the situation and the increase in fuel prices. Hervé Gilmandirector of Aiglon travels, says he has had enough fuel to cover school trips “for now” but “stay alert”.

nurse, Pierre Pavia runs on ethanol, but “sees colleagues struggle.” He notes that the price of gasoline is rising rapidly, which can make motorists think about its consumption. “I filled up 58 cents earlier in the week and then I filled up again yesterday it was 74 cents. And there are cities where it is about 2 euros per liter.”

Instructions on limiting the consequences

Laurent Hayes, which runs the taxi company, announces that at the moment everything is fine with its operations in the L’Aigle region and specifies that the employees have been given instructions. During refueling, they should not exceed half of the tank.

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Other professionals affected by the shortage limit themselves to avoid drastic consequences. NearADMR, which offers help and support services at home, workers lose a lot of time in queues. “We have shortened the schedules as much as possible, but for now without canceling the intervention. But I reserve the right to refuse interventions that will be located too far from L’Aigle. We are not considered a priority,” the manager announces.

Hoping for priority status

To get out of it, Christian Viron, the head of a taxi company, talks about his daily life, which begins to become difficult as he searches for fuel “everywhere”. In order to predict the development of the situation, he asked for priority. “But we don’t know if it will be accepted.”

At the national level, Emmanuel Macron On October 12, he predicted a return to normal life “within the next week.”

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