At L’Aigle, mushroom picking is an autumn activity that requires a lot of knowledge

Activities that require a tilted head, beware of torticollis ©Club de mycologie de L’Aigle

From September 23 autumn is back and it feels good on the temps. After a sunny summer and high temperatures, comes the time of autumn and its foggy weather.

Whoever says autumn, says a wonderful season picking mushrooms. It’s time to put on your shoes, pick up a basket and find yourself in the forest. In L’Aigle (Orne), the mycological club organizes a supervised collection on Sundays Herve Prunierpharmacist in Obe.

Activities controlled by the prefecture

But be careful before you start conquering state foreststhere are several rules that must be respected, such as the fact that picking is prohibited on Tuesdays and Thursdays “to limit the intensive collection of wild mushroom species and to preserve biodiversity in the Orne State Forests,” the decree explains Orn Prefecture.

On other days of the week, the collection is limited by the capacity of the basket 5 liters per day per person. Of course, collecting mushrooms for commercial purposes is prohibited.

But if you want to collect mushrooms for the first time, how to distinguish edible from poisonous ones?

You need to study mushrooms to know which ones are edible. This is culture in the long run.

Herve Prunier

A culture that can pass educational books devoted to the subject or for oral tradition. According to this mycologist, “mushrooms can be found all year round, after which they are not necessarily edible.” Humidity is ideal for mushroom growth, so this summer, with very dry weather, “there wasn’t much.”

We’ve all heard of those famous “mushroom corners” that some people want above all else keep secret if they were nuclear codes, but for Hervé Prunier, “mushroom angles are true and false at the same time.”

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This is true in the sense that if you are looking for a certain species, it will grow in certain environments. Mushrooms have their favorite corner, but mushrooms are everywhere, on the lawn, in the forest, under fir trees, under oaks, but you won’t find the same mushrooms.

Herve Prunier

For example, you can find it under birch trees amaties fly swatterknown smurf mushrooms.

The famous amatie fly-killer, found during the collection
The famous amatie flycatcher found during a collection ©Club de mycologie de L’Aigle

There are one hundred species in the region

To find the right mushroom, you need to know it species and its preferred environment, “you have to know what you’re looking for and where.” In the area, the types of mushrooms are very diverse, “hundreds of them, after all, what people are looking for is more rose hips and boletus.” As for harvesting, there are two main schools: cut or torn.

If we know the mushroom well, we are sure of the identification, in order to eat it, we can simply cut it. If you are not sure, you should take everything.

Herve Prunier

This specialist is also very interested inedible mushrooms“picking inedible mushrooms doesn’t necessarily have a utilitarian purpose, it’s just the pleasure of learning.”

The Mycological Club of L’Aigle organizes a collection on Sundays. Dates, times and meeting places are listed on their website. The number of people present at the meeting is very different, “sometimes they are few, and sometimes from 20 to 30 people.”

Gatherings are held in state forests, as well as in private forests by invitation. Of course, the selection is conducted in compliance with hunting schedules, “because we have to do our own thing.”

Next collection October 16, 23 and 30, November 6, 13, 20 and 27 and December 4 and 11 Website,

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