At L’Aigle, the sweep dates are extended

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In France, chimney cleaning deadlines have been extended for several weeks. Vincent Dollet opened his company Vincent Ramonages et Services (VRS) in 2016 in L’Aigle (Orne). It works in a radius around 30 kilometers from L’Aigle.

He usually works alone, but due to the demand for meetings, he simply hired a secretary. For a soot shaker, this period is always stressful, but “today they are waiting for cleaning for two months.”

Soot shaker, “seasonal work”

The face of Vincent Dolle many requests because “people do it at the last minute”. He describes his work as season work,

Winter is busy and after that we arrive at a slow period.

Vincent Doll

An off-peak period that shouldn’t be there as you can sweep your fireplace or insert any time of the yearas long as two mandatory sweeps are observed.

Despite his ability to work throughout the year, “the first appointments begin to be made around the last week of August, after which he is tied up.” During the year, there are still a few large-scale meetings, “but often they are about houses that are going to be sold,” explains the head of VRS.

To fill his business during off-peak hours, Vincent Dolle founded his soot removal company V2D, pest control and disinfection company.

According to him, in the best firewood it is “beech,” as opposed to “chestnut,” which is very little recommended because “it tends to swell and send embers everywhere when the fires are open.” Other tips, “avoid conifers,” which are “enemies.” First of all, a very important thing, you need to wait at least three years for the wood to dry completely.

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For example, green wood produces more smoke and more easily flammable residue than very dry wood.

Publication of the SDIS 61 Facebook page starting in 2020

How to avoid a chimney fire

Every day, talking with his customers, Vincent noticed among them a certain concern about “the situation for this winter.” According to him, many people turn to wood because “it gives better autonomy, we are not dependent on electricity, it makes my customers happy.”

Cleaning chimneys is important for the safety of residents and places. If you do not sweep, the risk of fire in chimneys is great.

The most common reason is a malfunction of the soot shaker. If pipes and ducts are not cleaned at close enough intervals, soot eventually builds up into large clumps of residue that can ignite.

Publication of the SDIS 61 Facebook page starting in 2020

Since prevent a fire in the chimney ? You should “avoid the use of poor-quality chimney starters, which could allow flammable fragments to escape into the chimney.”

Also, forget about “all materials that may contain flammable substances of chemical origin”, such as cardboard, waste or newspapers. Of course, don’t forget to equip yourself with a smoke detector.

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