At L’Aigle, when the adrenaline rises during the auction

Auction in full swing ©Le Réveil Normand

On the road that runs along the auction site, rue de Chennebrun in L’Aigle (Orne), hundreds of meters of queues of cars parked on the pavement. So we had to walk to the sale location organized by Lex61.

As soon as you pass the barrier, you feel that you are entering the essence of the matter. Dozens of people gathered around the cars to be put up for sale. Men, women, young, old, the auction tempts everyone.

Beware of clever people who want to lower rates

A few minutes after the start of the auction, all the seats are taken, and the last arrivals make their way inside big shed on this occasion, it was turned into a trading hall. 14:35time to start the auction, the auctioneer comes on stage, takes a sip of water and looks for his famous hammer, “Can someone take her to me,” he asks.

Finally armed with a hammer, he calls the last potential buyers into the room and begins to explain the rules.

There is no point in waiting for the price to drop before bidding, if no one shows up, the lot will not sell.


In the room a a hundred people groups together: regulars equipped with headsets, notebooks, pens, and first-timers: “I just came to see how you’re doing,” the man whispers.

The first lots put up for auction cars We immediately recognize the interested parties as they stomp around impatiently, clutching their little yellow plate with their numbers written on it. For cars, the auctioneer announces that bids will increase €100 to €100. Using his slide show, he introduces the first batch, a Citroen C4 since 2005. Starting price, 450 euros.

We start with 450… 450 once… 450 twice… Nobody too much? Then it is withdrawn… 450 three times, the lot is withdrawn.


White cabbage for the first batch.

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“Next lot” is announced by the auctioneer, “Kawasaki ZX9R motorcycle” is displayed at the price 750 euros. And here the bidding and excitement begin adrenalin begins to make itself felt in the room. “750 there, anyone on 850? 850, 950, 1050, 1150” within ten seconds, the price of the bicycle increased by 400 euros and rates continue to rise. “1950 one time, 2050 for sir, 2150, 2250 sir, 2250 one time, 2250 two three,” another sign appears as the hammer rises to signal the end of the auction.

A portion that rekindles passions

“2350 sir, 2450, 2550 or not? It’s green, clean and working,” adds the auctioneer, trying to resume the bidding.

2550 once, 2250 twice, 2550 three times. Awarded number 9.


Cars follow each other volkswagen golf, Fiat Punto, Peugeot 206, Citroen C4there is something for every taste and especially at all prices.

When the sale of cars comes to an end, buyers are already leaving the hall, “okay, we can go,” announces a man in his thirties, “I bought what I needed, okay,” he told his friends. who followed him outside.

But many awaken technology enthusiasts, a Case MX 90 C tractor, “starting price 2000 euros”. They say in whispers, many are attracted by fate, “it’s good to make wood out of it,” whispers my neighbor.

2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600, 2700 for Mr., 2800, 2900, 3000 for Mr.


Auctions go one after the other and two/three people are fighting for this lotnot so easy to take home.

Finally, the tractor that attracts greed will be sold 4300 euros “at number 35”. “It’s not worth it,” the person whispers a little unscrupulously.

Finally, between two/three jokes from the auctioneer, the auction will continue for almost two and a half hours. Two hours, during which the auctioneer will not lose his voice and play with the hammer.

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