The famous festival, initiated by TOHU, returns for the 13th time accompanied by famous international troupes. From July 7 to 17, the public will be able to visit a variety of circus performances around the city, thus demonstrating the best of the modern circus under the sign of ingenuity and renewal.

After the night: event show for the opening of the festival

Presented at the opening of the festival on July 2, then from 5 to 16 July show After the night the Nord Nord Est and Benoit Landry troupes are set to make a grand return to the general public to celebrate reunion with the artists. In the round hall of the TOHU Pillar – completely transformed for the occasion – spectators will be able to watch the deployment of a dozen acrobats and dancers, all on stage at 360 °, which is working at full height. Gathering in a huge circle, the audience will attend an aerial performance of artists, dancers and the Montreal band CHANCES, who will be present to play live and complete this bright and exciting picture. Because this play is also, above all, an imaginary journey, animated by the “fiery impulse of life”, a waking dream unfolding “between heaven and earth”, for our greatest pleasure.

Benoit Landry, whom we were able to find in the production Serge Fiori – Alone from Cirque Éloize – testify to the staging of this flagship show, which promises to be dazzling and strong emotions, as a return to the light, which is so waiting for both viewers and artists:

“I wanted to give the desire to live, the desire for tomorrow, what will happen. I wanted to give air, light. »

Presented by Radio-Canada, show After the night will be on display throughout the festival. Go to the TOHU website to reserve your seats.

A variety of programs for every taste

Shows for children, for lovers of dance or humor … This 13th issue offers a program for every taste!

WITH BARGE presented from July 6 to 17, Big Top TOHU will come to life to the sounds of Afro-Colombian percussion and Balkan melodies to tell about a sensual journey, mixing dance and circus with a touch of madness. Full of energy, this creation of the Gipsy Kumbia Orchestra is also an ode to freedom, mutual aid and friendship.

This is the show at Espace Cascades TOHU FASE from Marta & Kim from Dansateliers, which will be shown from 8 to 11 July. Here, human connection underlies the artistic goal: the three performers evolve and merge, becoming one, between a circus performance and dance movements. Sharing his imagination with the public, FASE issues of social mechanisms and dynamics.

In the open, EXCERPT puts artists La marche du crabe on a show for kids (from 2 years), from 9 to 11 July. The duo of characters accompanied by a neighboring musician leaves room for creativity to reconstruct their relationship to space and to each other in the language of circus, dance and theater.

It’s in a good mood and with a crazy sense of humor The GoldenCrust family will take place at the Espace Camping de la TOHU from 8 to 10 July and then from 13 to 17 July. The top two begins a comic and circus performance in front of their motorhome in a large-scale production called Above “C” (for example, camping).

Chapiteau l’Escapade will take place from 12 to 15 July LAYER from ENT, a poetic research circus show that captures the senses. Accompanied by music live The original performance of the performers evokes a world of fragile balance, in tension. Our relationship with nature, which is just as delicate, is also questioned with the use of natural and artificial materials during dance or balance.

The entire program, as well as the box office are available on the festival website.

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