Aude: Elizabeth Bourne, Prime Minister Thirty Years After Edith Cresson, news that unites

Socialist regional adviser Claude Megan and LaRem MP Mireille Robert welcome the woman’s entry into the post of prime minister. Elizabeth Bourne traveled twice to Aude, Treb and Vilgayenk.

This has become commonplace in many European countries … in this regard, with regard to the place of women in positions of (high) political responsibility, Emmanuel Macron has just joined the request of the obvious society, appointing the Minister of Labor as “first minister”.

Claude Megan (PS) – Regional Election Official and Member of the Regional Observatory of Political Parity
Independent – BOYER Claude

Mayor of Brahma and regional adviser, who is also a member of the Occitanie Parity Regional Observatory, Claude Focon-Megan unequivocally believes that the appointment of Elizabeth Bourne “It’s still progress for women in politics” adding at any time, the political opposition undertakes: “but also not a guarantee of the policy we need for our territories”. Former Cabinet Director Ségolène Royale at the Ministry of the Environment in 2014 and 2015, before deciding to follow Emmanuel Macron in 2017, LaRem finds more political recognition in Odd County MP Mireille Robert, one of two women with three Ade deputies. .

Prime Minister who knows the files of Lima-Quilan and Carcassonne-Orly

Mireille Robert - Deputy Aude (LaRem / Renaissance)

Mireille Robert – Deputy Aude (LaRem / Renaissance)
Independent – BOYER Claude

“I am proud to be one of the majority who brought a woman to Matignon, elected almost 50% of women MPs to the Assembly, introduced a better response to violence against women, provided alimony, increased childcare leave to 28 days, and offered free pills for people under 25, strengthened the basis for equal pay and made gender equality a priority. “ Assures LaRem, who has had the opportunity to work directly with Elizabeth Bourne since their joint mandates, when she was Minister for Transport (2017): “We were able to talk about small railways (Lima-Quian), about Carcassonne Airport, where we were able to make progress. Later, when she was the Minister of Labor, as a member of the Committee on Health and Labor in the Assembly, I worked with her ministry on the youth employment contract, training … With her we get answers almost immediately, she is a very competent woman who 5 years of resistance in various ministries, which is the result … “

According to Claude Mejan (55 women out of 53 men among the left-wing majority in the region), the speech is quite common in the women’s political world: “We have a strong regional president who stands for the same thing, who shows that it is normal for women to have access to a position that promotes gender equality, because politics is not a gender issue, everyone should be able to have a place that they wantAude ranks first in the regional ranking for the share of women in leadership positions in politics, thanks in part to Ellen Sandragne, one of nine women currently heading the French department, with a total of 101. Only 19.04% women elected mayors in Occitania.

In his inaugural speech, the new head of government, in particular, explained that yes “Opinion for the first woman to hold these positions, Edith Cresson” between May 1991 and April 1992, and considered it “Nothing should stop the struggle for the place of women in our society.”

Elizabeth Bourne a year after the deadly floods in the Western Ode, in 2019, with Eric Menassi

Elizabeth Bourne a year after the deadly floods in the Western Ode, in 2019, with Eric Menassi
Independent – BOYER Claude

Ecology, ancient history

Ségolène Royal’s Cabinet Director at the Ministry of the Environment, then the Minister for Transport, the Minister for Ecological Transition, finally the Minister for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, the Minister for Labor, Employment and Integration, and finally the Prime Minister for Environmental Planning. : Elizabeth Bourne knows the files related to climate change, and knows … Ed. Eric Menassi, the mayor of Treb, received it twice, Michel Proust, the mayor of Villegayenko also: visits in connection with the 2018 floods.

“Elizabeth Bourne arrived in Treb for the first time two days after the terrorist attacks as part of a delegation led by Prime Minister Edward Philippe, and then on October 5, 2019 as a minister, a year after the floods.” recalls Eric Menassi. “She has shown great humanity, given the challenges of our territory. We talked a lot about the vulnerability of the Mediterranean Arc, about the resilience, the resilience of the city for a city like ours that needs to be rebuilt. She was fully aware of the problems and wanted to make Od an example of resilience, an example of the ability to recover from floods and attacks. It reflects the image of a determined woman who acts extremely restrained, stern, who knows her files very well. “.

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