Barack Obama is making documentaries about wildlife

Article on the Internet – a documentary “ The documentary series is available on Netflix National parks: these wonders of the worldtold by former US President Barack Obama, introduces us to various national parks.

Barack Obama himself tells us in detail about the life of local animals and plants. © Netflix

Barack Obama himself tells us in detail about the life of local animals and plants. © Netflix

Published on 22.05.2022

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On a five-episode journey, Barack Obama accompanies us to the opening of some of the world’s major national parks. It is with his voice, while we watch the documentary in its original version, that we can see the protected areas where nature still reigns. This documentary series is also produced by his wife Michelle Obama.

This first season, just released this year, illustrates places such as the Yakushima Forest in Japan, the Tsingi de Bemaraha Nature Reserve on the island of Madagascar or the Tsavo Nature Park in Kenya. Not to mention the first Yellowstone National Park in the United States, the Indonesian Gunung Laser National Park and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. If some of these names mean nothing to you, watch this documentary series, which is worth it.

Barack Obama himself tells us in detail about the life of local animals and plants. Thus, we discover the amazing collaboration of Sika deer and Japanese macaques, swimming hippos in the sea or even robbing crab claws by walking fish. Admire Gunung Laser National Park, the last place where tigers, elephants and orangutans still live together. Also, do not miss the short-term flowering of titanium-arum after ten years of growth. Watch the amazing technique of hunting a flat hammer worm. Finally, you get the right to some images of the Sumatran tiger.

However, this is not just a display of beautiful images. In fact, Barack Obama is talking about nature in danger. “Today, national parks are one of the last strongholds of wildlife,” he explains in the first episode. In addition to stories about flora and fauna, the former president reminded of the importance of these national parks for our planet. “They regulate the climate, purify the air and purify the water,” he tells us again.

In fact, this documentary series wants to be involved. “I want to be sure that they will always exist for my children and my grandchildren,” said the former president from the first episode. Despite the fact that there are many nature reserves, “in this warming world with a growing population, we need to do more. »

Barack Obama concludes the final episode with a speech that echoes our reality and encourages viewers: “Each of us has a role to play in asking for the protection of our last wild islands,” he said, adding, “Involve your communities in building more climate.” smart practices. “In a confident and sincere tone, he encourages us to act on our scale: ‘Vote as if the planet depended on it. »

Today it protects 15% of the land and 8% of the sea. The question is whether this is enough. If we do not want our own species to become extinct like other species before us, we must protect our habitat: planet Earth.

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