Before the opening of Paris: Ascension on a gentle slope


( – This Thursday, the stock market is expected to move slightly for Ascension, when the market will slow down due to lack of participants who have spent a long weekend! Concerns about the deteriorating growth prospects and its impact on corporate profits are still significant, and investors are now afraid of earnings warnings … There has been some easing in bond markets, despite considerable listening to central bank speeches. who seem to have regained control, especially the Fed … T-Bond in 10 years on Wednesday lost 1 basis point to 2.75% in the US. In the euro area the return on 10-year-old German Bund fell by 2 basis points to 0.95%.


The New York Stock Exchange closed on Wednesday night, at the end of the sawtooth session, technology stocks took the opportunity to acquire after the fall of recent weeks … Publication of the “Minutes” of the last meeting of the Fed The United States will curb inflation, even if it means lower growth.
In conclusion, c Dow Jones rose 0.60% to 32,120 points, while the broad index S & P500 recovered by 0.95% to 3978 points. in Nasdaq Compositerich in technology and biotech stocks, recovered 1.51% to 11,434 points after -2.35% on Tuesday and + 1.6% on Monday.


Therefore, the Federal Reserve published its minutes of its May 3 and 4 meeting on Wednesday evening, reaffirming its intention to continue raising rates by half a point for at least two meetings. On May 4, he raised the rate of “Federal Funds” by half a point (50 basis points) to increase it between 0.75% and 1% …
“All participants have reaffirmed their firm commitment and determination to take the necessary steps to restore price stability. “, according to the message. Members of the Fed’s Monetary Policy Committee (FMOC) therefore, it is estimated that the Fed may need to quickly raise rates above what is considered “neutral” for the economy (neither stimulating nor restrictive), the level of which, according to experts, is about 2.5%. FOMC members noted that “tight monetary policy may be appropriate depending on the evolution of economic prospects and the risks involved.”

Currently, financial markets expect that at the end of 2022 the rate of “collective funds” will range from 2.5% to 2.75%, which would correspond to a “neutral” level. However, the Fed said it would go beyond that if inflation did not slow down. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal last week, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said the Fed would continue to raise rates until it saw “clear and convincing evidence” of a 2% reduction in prices to the Fed’s medium-term target.

Oil prices rose again Wednesday after announcing a sharper-than-expected drop in crude oil inventories in the United States last week. Barrel of American light oil WTI (July futures) rose 0.5% to $ 110.85 on Nymex, while Brent The July price in the North Sea rose 0.5% to $ 114.55.
According to the US Department of Energy, domestic oil reserves, excluding strategic reserves, for the week ended May 20, fell by 1 million barrels to 419.8 MB. The consensus was on a 0.7 MB reduction. Gasoline stocks fell by 0.5 million barrels (-0.6 million barrels) and distillates increased by 1.7 million barrels (+0.9 million barrels of consensus).
regarding currencies, dollar index recovered by 0.26% to 102.12 points against a basket of reference currencies, while euro fell 0.5% to $ 1.0675 after rising 1.6% in the previous two sessions thanks to a new, more “hawkish” tone of ECB President Christine Lagarde …


– US GDP for the first quarter. (14:30)
– Weekly registration of the unemployed. (14:30)
– Promises to sell housing. (16:00)
– Kansas City Fed Production Index. (17:00)


Board of Directors with Lagarder SA is pleased to note the results of a public tender initiated for Vivendi SE, which, taking into account the shares contributed to the main branch of the offer, now owns 55.43% of the company’s share capital. .
On 21 March, the Board of Directors gave a favorable reasoned opinion on the proposal, considering it to be friendly and in the interests of the Group and its stakeholders, in particular Vivendi SE’s intentions to preserve the Group as a whole to ensure its growth and development. develop the talent and engagement of its employees, and maintain the managerial legacy around Mr. Arnaud Lagarde, who retains his duties as chairman and chief executive officer.
The public offer will be reopened in its two branches, the main and the subsidiary, from May 27 to June 9, 2022. The final results of the proposal and the level of participation achieved by Vivendi SE at the end of this second period will be published by the Financial Markets Authority on June 14, 2022.

In the first half of 2021/2022 Derishbur amounted to 2.5 billion euros, which is 54% more than in the previous year.
This increase is mainly due to the division of environmental services by + 70%, and to a lesser extent from the increase in the contribution of income from the activities of multiservices by + 9%.
Current EBITDA in the first half of the year amounted to 250.6 ME, which is 45.2% more than last year.
Current operating income amounted to 174.6 IU, which is 55.4% more than in the first half of last year. The net result of the consolidated enterprise is 118.3 IU, of which 117.8 IU is accounted for by the shareholders of the consolidated enterprise, ie + 60% compared to the previous year.

Infotel reached a turnover of 74.4 IU in the 1st quarter of 2022, which is a significant increase of + 15.3% in one year.
The banking sector accounted for 41.5% of operations during this period, positioning Infotel as a major partner in this market segment with the deployment of new projects in several major accounts, such as BPCE, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and Oney Banque. The industrial sector accounts for up to 25.3% of service activities, confirming the growth of this segment, including increased activity on AIRBUS helicopters, increased service center for Stellantis and increased platform for Nissan.
Services for the transport sector accounted for 17.7% of revenue while maintaining a high level of operating activity. The insurance sector accounts for 12% of turnover and includes, among the various projects in the quarter, the operational implementation of the Salesforce Support Center for COVEA. Infotel has also launched the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Skills Center. These new feature offerings may soon be extended to other major accounts.
Infotel clarifies that OAIO, the group’s Digital and Innovation Consulting Agency, which supports its clients in their digital projects, from design to implementation, also published dynamic activity during the period, including launching a digital support program (support, consulting, training) and co-creation. digital instruments for Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.

Lebon company Rada of Ukraine :: The General Meeting of Shareholders, held on Wednesday, approved in accordance with the provisions of Article L.421-14 of the Monetary Code on the terms of the regular General Meeting a draft requirement to exclude securities from Lebon company trading on Euronext Paris (Division C) and the simultaneous admission to trading on Euronext Growth Paris and gave all powers to the Board of Directors to carry out the above operations.
The Board of Directors, which took place on May 25, 2022 as a result of the above-mentioned regular general meeting, decided to implement the Transfer.

Following the general meeting of May 25, 2022 Albioma announces the adoption of all decisions and the date of the ex-dividend on June 9, 2022, as well as the payment on June 13, 2022 of dividends in the amount of 0.84 euros per share. Thus, Albioma reports that the General Meeting of Shareholders adopted by a majority vote all the decisions submitted for consideration with 1,551 voting shareholders for a quorum of 60.8% of the voting shares. In particular, shareholders approved the distribution of dividends for the financial year 2021 in the amount of 0.84 euros per share (0.924 euros for shares entitled to receive bonus dividends), which is 5% more than last year’s dividends. Dividends will be withdrawn from the share on June 9, 2022. For technical reasons, they will be paid on June 13.

Teleproductivity For the second year in a row, it is one of the five leaders in the market of content moderation services in the PEAK 2022 matrix compiled by Everest Group. Everest Group, an independent research firm specializing in information systems, engineering services, business services and procurement processes, conducted a study evaluating the experience and resources of 18 groups in content moderation, their strengths and weaknesses, and the competitive environment. as a whole. The rating is based, in particular, on customer satisfaction surveys, as well as on-depth market analysis. Mastering the distribution of reliable and secure content on social media and corporate websites is vital. The freedom to easily publish any type of content on the Internet on multiple digital communication channels must be regulated to avoid the dissemination of false information. Everest congratulates Teleperformance for “its commitment to protecting its employees and contributing to a secure digital world.”

AXA Successfully completes € 1.25 billion in 2043 Reg S subordinated bond issues to institutional investors to finance the group’s general needs, including refinancing of part of the existing debt, including 4.45% of AXA XL subordinated bonds of $ 500 million from maturity until 2025, as well as a subordinated bond AXA XL in the amount of EUR 500 million with maturity in 2025 (with the possibility of maturity in 2027).
The initial fixed rate is 4.25% per annum until the end of the 6-month prepayment period (March 2033), then the interest rate becomes variable on a 3-month EURIBOR basis with a margin that includes an interest margin of 100 basis points. The operation met the high demand of investors, and the issue was signed almost twice. Bonds are entitled to capital from a regulatory point of view and with rating agencies within appropriate limits. The transaction was structured in such a way that the bonds were entitled to Tier 2 capital in accordance with Solvency II. The bond rating is expected to be A- / Stable for Standard & Poor’s, A3 (hyb) / based on updates for Moody’s and A- / Positive for Fitch, reflecting, in particular, the recent upside risk rating of long-term counterparty AXA. SA from S&P and Fitch, following the transformation of AXA SA into the Group’s internal reinsurer. The bond settlement date is scheduled for May 31.

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