Belgian singer Arnault has died at the age of 72

22:44 April 23, 2022

Recent photos of his exhausted face have raised fears about the worst. Arnold Charles Ernest Hindens, known as Arno, who has been suffering from pancreatic cancer since 2020, died in Brussels on Saturday. Belgian rock song, and more broadly European, is losing one of its most unusual voices. A guttural, broken voice, with a rare emotional force to sing the torments of love, broken destinies, the cynicism of politics and the absurdity of living with poetry that is both raw and surreal.

Urgency to sing

“Damn, damn, that was very good. Arno left us on April 23. We will all miss him, but he will always be there thanks to the music that kept him on this path. “ wrote in a press release his Belgian agent Philippe De Grutt, alluding to his phone whore whore recorded in 1983 with his band TC Matic. Until the end, despite surgery and the side effects of chemotherapy, the singer-singer-rocker with the appearance of a celestial tramp will fight this damn crab in the most noble way, near the stage, his favorite playground from the very beginning. Ostend, place of his birth, half a century ago.

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On February 5, Arno was still performing at L’Ancienne Belgique, the legendary club in Brussels, in front of 800 people. “People who know I’m sick of wonder why I’m on stage, but you have to know it’s the scene that gives me the most energy.”said the singer World. He looked at the disease with his falsely naive humor in an interview Parisian. “Flowers are too expensive, I told myself I was going to wait before I died. I live day by day. Yesterday he is dead, tomorrow he does not exist. Last year, he even returned to the studio to review his repertoire with pianist Sofia Pamart. His title: live. Like a rag to a gloomy reaper. “He was very ill, Sofia Pamart entrusted us with the release of this cherished album. But when he landed in front of the microphone, he was captivated by the urge to sing. » Because, according to his shabby appearance, the one we nicknamed “Belgian Tom Waits”, was primarily a Stakhanovite, devoted in body and soul to his art. On February 21, under the gold of the Royal Palace in Brussels, King Philip greeted “Icon of the Belgian music scene.”

Harmonist, Marvin Gaye chef

He gained his passion for the blues and the year in Ostend, a Flemish seaside resort located opposite England. Nickname “The most British Belgian city”, it welcomes many English tourists who come with the latest aesthetic and musical trends from Swingin ‘London. His mother adores Juliette Greco and rock and roll. His father worked as a pilot and mechanic in aeronautics. But young Arno will be raised above all by his grandmother, a woman with a strong temperament. He was introduced to Lightnin ‘Hopkins blues by his Dutch teacher, Arnaud, who took his first steps in Ostend clubs as a harmonica player and as a personal chef for Marvin Gaye, then a Coca-Cola addict who came to record his classics in Ostend. . Midnight love.

His new career began with the TC Matic group, which in the early 1980s established itself as the pearl of the European Year, unlike the Anglo-Saxons. The group traveled to Europe, but collapsed in 1985. In France, his solo career began timidly with the album Arno (1986), but he became widely known for his role with composer Philip Glass in the soundtrack to the film thank you life Bertrand Blier.

With the regular watchmaker of the Swiss watchmaker Arno will record 13 solo albums, not to mention alternative projects dedicated to pure and hard blues. Always true to his passion for rock blues, but open to piano songs, cabaret, electro, he signs several timeless classics, including piercing In my mother’s eyes. We meet him in the movies. Michel Piccoli entrusts him with a role in So here it is, soundtrack to which Arno writes. He distinguished himself alongside Alain Bashung’s I’ve always dreamed of being a gangster, Samuel Benshetrit. In 2006, the gratin of French song celebrates his work on the album Damn, a tribe for Arno (2006). Last February, during one of his last concerts in Brussels, Strome joined him on stage for an unexpected duo. We no longer take into account the amount of his collaboration, from Christophe to Brigitte Fontaine. I asked Parisienne about his desire for artistic exchanges he quoted… Mireille Mathieu! “Because of this damn crown, we haven’t done it yet. For me, France is the Eiffel Tower and Mireille Mathieu. » The Iconoclastic duo will never see the light of day …

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