Best Army Clash of Clans Town Hall 11

In Clash Of Clans, reaching City Hall 11 gives players access to a variety of new troops and spells, making it easier to access the enemy’s three-star bases. Players can expect the layout of the enemy base to be complicated in Town Hall 11, as several new defensive units have been added for defense. Thus, the goal of any City Hall 11 attack strategy must include the rapid destruction of enemy Eagle, Archer Queen and Inferno Towers artillery.

Queen Charge LavaLoon

  • Two lava dogs
  • Four healers
  • bowman
  • Baby dragon
  • Great robber of the walls
  • four goblins
  • Nine servants
  • 19 balloons
  • Three spells of rage
  • Two haste spells
  • Freezing
  • Jump spell
  • Poison Spell (for the castle of the opposite clan)
  • The clatter of stone

LavaLoon is one of the main techniques that players learn in Town Hall 10, and Queen Charge is a similar strategy that requires a lot of practice. In Town Hall 11, players can combine these two strategies into one and use them effectively to get three stars on any base. It is ideal for your heroes to be at the highest level for this technique, as they play a huge role in creating a funnel for the deployment of the rest of the troops. Attacking any base with such a composition, players must aim at the enemy’s air defenses, eagle artillery, queen and clan castle troops.

Start by clearing a third of the base with Queen Charge, supported by healers and Super Wallbreakers. Make sure your queen goes to the center of the base and the king goes to the other side. Start on one side, where you can destroy several air defenses and deploy lava hounds on the rest. Balloons must be strategically deployed to protect enemies while lava hounds cause damage. With the right promotion and deployment techniques, Queen Charge LavaLoon is the best attack in Town Hall 11.

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Zap witches

  • Three ice golems
  • two large
  • Wall switch
  • two magicians
  • bowman
  • 12 witches
  • Eight lightning spells
  • Two earthquake spells
  • Two freeze spells
  • Poison spell
  • Deck Thrower (Like Clan Castle Troops)

Zap Witch’s strategy is one of the best ground attacks in Town Hall 11, and it’s easy to execute. Players who have already used witches and golems together in TH9 and TH10 will thrive on this strategy. The idea is to use Golems as tanks while the bulk of your forces are moving around. Create effective funnels on both sides of the base with minimal troops to focus the attack on the heart of the enemy base.

As for the siege machine, with this composition of the army, players can use either a deck thrower or a wall detonator. The Lightning and Earthquake spells are used to destroy the Towers of Hell, while the Freeze spell will hold the Eagle artillery for a long time. Be sure to use the freeze spell while the bulk of your army supports the center. Use the Poison spell to defeat enemy troops in the clan castle. This strategy is ideal for asymmetrical bases with intricate designs, where witches clear the flanks and the main army strikes the heart.

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Electro dragons

  • eight balloons
  • Seven electric dragons
  • Baby dragon
  • The clatter of stone
  • Four rage spells
  • Poison spell
  • Four freeze spells

Electro-Dragons is always a safe option for players who prefer the air route for attacks on Town Hall 11. Knowing how to create a funnel to send dragons to the center of the base is the essence of air attacks. For this strategy, players will need to create a funnel on both sides of the base with the Queen of Archers, the King of Barbarians and the Child Dragon.

Electro Dragons is based on chain damage and is ideal for bases with a compact design. Use the Stone Slammer to break the base when the Elect Dragons capture the Queen of Archers, the Hell’s Towers and the castle’s enemy clan troops. The “Freeze” spell should stop the enemy towers of Hell, and the “Poison” spell will destroy the troops of the clan castle. Deploy the balloons only on the targets attached to your electric dragons. This technique will easily clear the towers of archers and wizards located on the flanks.

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