Birds and flowers… Poetry of summer in Deciza

On one side, a parade of pink flamingos or swans. Here comes the flight of the eagle… Flowers and the decorations that accompany them are not going unnoticed this summer at Decize. Birds from here or from all over the world appeared in every corner of the city.

“Every year for the last three years we have chosen a theme for the flower show, which has a budget of 15,000 euros per year. It can be related to an event or an inspiration. Then the employees and elected officials vote,” explains Jacques Moreau, deputy responsible for housing and work.

Greenhouse project…

This time, “we’ve abandoned the theme of birds in every flower bed in the city,” adds Yves-Marie Lemaire, green space manager. “By deviation, for example, we stopped our choice on China. In addition to the birds that are found there, we have chosen typical plants such as reeds or papyrus… At the exit of the diversion, it is an exotic universe with parrots, banana trees, swamp hibiscus… The selection of flowers is also made according to the colors, “that massif…”

So many decorations were made by four of the nine green workers who specialize in the flower garden (the other five, who are regularly assisted by the integration project, are responsible for mowing, weeding, etc.). “All the birds and the decorations, made of wood and steel, were made by workers with the help of a carpenter,” adds Yves-Marie Lemaire.

premium Will Nevers keep his 4th flower?

An effort the city hopes will one day be rewarded. “For three years, the municipality has a desire to do everything possible to get the third flower. We realize that this does not happen immediately. The jury was out on Decize recently. I don’t know if we’ll win this year, but we’ve taken the jury’s comments into account to continue improving our blooms in the years to come,” writes Jacques Moreau.

And to add: “We also have several sustainability projects, such as creating a municipal greenhouse, installing a timer to start automatic watering to better control it. They would also like to install water reservoirs, but this is a very expensive project, which probably won’t work right away. »

In the meantime, groundskeepers will continue to pamper flowers this summer before installing fall flowers, which are mostly bulbs. Starting this winter, the team will focus on the next summer topic, which requires a lot of preparation: research, exchanges, charts, orders…

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