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In an article just published, Blizzard gives an overview of the dungeons Dragonflight. What challenges will you face in the Dragon Islands in a few months? The answer is below!

Take on new challenges and go on adventures in the Dragon Isles with four new experience dungeons and four max level dungeons. Dangers and mysteries await…and maybe even loot! Here is an overview of each dungeon.

Leveling dungeons:

  • Ruby Essence Pools
  • Hollow wine glasses
  • Nokhud offensive
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Maximum level dungeons:

  • Neltarus
  • Azure vault
  • Fertilization halls
  • Algeth’ar Academy (French translation to come)

It is still a work in progress and some elements may change over time.

Zone: Shores of Awakening

Ruby Essence Pools

  • Melidrussa Chillworn Melidruss was assigned to lead the Flashfrost infusion work in the Ruby Essence pools. With her exceptional mastery over elemental frost, she ensures that the Draconians are protected from the influence of the Titans.
  • Kokia Blazehoof When the defenders of the Ruby Essence Pools are defeated by the Primalists’ forces, Kokia and her fire-ridden lieutenants attempt to steal the eggs, looting and burning everything in their path.
  • Kairak and Erkhart Stormwaine (there will be a French translation)


Beneath the Obsidian Citadel lies Neltharus, where the treasures and secrets of the Black Dragons are kept. When the Jaradins awoke, they launched their first attack on Neltharus, but, surprised to find no one there, took possession of the sites and the secrets they held…before invading the rest of the Obsidian Citadel.

  • Chargat, curse of scales (English translation to come): This skilled dragon hunter has earned his prestigious title since time immemorial. At the head of the Kalash hunters, he prepares his next attack with the open hope of showing his talents.
  • Gorek forge (English translation to come): One of the most renowned smiths among the Jaradin, Gorek has taken up residence in the Chamber of Black Dragons, where the searing heat of the majestic forge allows him to create deadly weapons.
  • Magmatusk (English translation to be made): After the robbery of Neltharus, the Jaradins unhesitatingly used their discoveries and Neltharion’s secrets. A misused experimental potion spawned the Magmatusk, a creature as colossal as it was destructive.
  • Warlord Sargha (English translation to follow): At the head of the Kalash Jaradins, Sargha uses any means necessary to increase the power of his clan in its fierce struggle against the dragons. Among the treasures buried in Neltharus’ heart, she seems to have made an important discovery.

District: Azure Bay

Hollow wine glasses

Creux des Fougerobes is the most important gnoll lair in the Dragon Isles and one of the most dangerous places. A corruption spreads from its depths, affecting all the gnoll tribes of the Azure Reach and threatening all living things. In the depths of the Valley, the leader of the winemakers enthusiastically tells his infected comrades about his knowledge.

  • Hecklow’s Battle Band (French translation coming later): Rira Hackclaw, Gashtooth, and Tricktotem (French translation coming later) form a group that is as brutal as it is deadly within the Fougereobs. Their brutal methods discourage the Roharts from traveling alone, and the Wrathful Eye (French translation to follow) entrusts them to guard the entrance to the Vale.
  • Treemouth (English translation coming later): Once a noble subject, Treemouth is now in decline. The rot spread in both his branches and his spirit. All that is left of the Treemouth is a pitiful creature that only wants to feed and spread its decay.
  • Gutshot (French translation to come later): An accomplished marksman, hunter, and tracker, the wily Gutshot was trained as a hunter by the Decatriarch himself. Those who dare to venture into the depths of the Hollow will become their prey.
  • Decatriarch Angry Eye (English translation to be made): The domineering Wrathful Eye proclaimed himself Decatriarch when he learned to overcome decay. She spreads her dark magic among her people, seeking to strengthen the Fugerobes and infect the Roharts and all of Azure.

Azure vault

A long time ago, Malygos created the Azure Vault so that Syndrogosa could catalog and store all of his magical artifacts. Abandoned long ago, the vault has fallen into disrepair and is now vulnerable to attack from both the outside and the inside.

  • Laymore (French translation coming later): Laymore was only a seed when Malygos found him. A Laymore that once sprouted in Sindrogosa’s garden, may have grown for millennia, and is now spreading throughout the vault. He could very well be in complete control of it if nothing and no one interfered.
  • Azureblade (French translation forthcoming): Devoted to the vault’s defense, the Azure Blade refused to leave it when it was sealed away. Not seeing the return of her fellow Blue Dragon clan, she gradually fell into madness. Now she craves what she swore to protect and uses the magic within the vault to continue her existence.
  • Grey-winged Telash (English translation to come): Telash dedicated his life to uncovering the secrets hidden by Syndragosa in the Azure Vault. With the help of the Sundered Flame, he thinks he can uncover the origin of the Draktirs… and conclusive evidence against the Blue Dragon he hates.
  • Umbrella School (English translation to be made): Corrupted long ago by mysterious energies beyond his control, Umbrellaskull was put into stasis and locked away in the Azure Vault, waiting for a cure for his crystalline growths to be found. But the vault was sealed and abandoned before the search was successful…

Zone: On’akhra Plains

Nokhud offensive

When Clan Nohud captured the spirit of the eagle On’achr, a civil war broke out. Attacked from all sides, the other clans of Marruk must unite to launch a final assault on Balakar, Khan of the Nohud.

  • Granite (English translation to come): The Shadow of Granite is a harbinger of death and destruction on the plains of On’akhra. As the centaur clans wage all-out war on the plains, Granite prepares to destroy his ancient enemies once and for all.
  • Furious storm (French translation forthcoming): The mighty gusts of the On’achra plains have converged to embody the storm that now ravages the plains. His growing power now threatens the entire Dragon Isles.
  • Tira and Marruk : (more information will follow)
  • Khan of Balakar (English translation to be made): Khan Balakar rules the Nohud clan with an iron hand. He intends to usurp the spirit power of the eagle On’achr, whom he holds captive.

Eastern Kingdoms Zone: Badlands

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr (under development)

  • The lost gnomes
  • Bromach (French translation to come)
  • Sentinel Talondras (French translation to come)
  • Emberon (French translation to come)
  • Chrono-Lord Deios (French translation to come)

Zone: Taldrasz

Fertilization halls

  • Observer Irideus (English translation to come): Tyr entrusted the protection of the Halls of Imprints to Irides, who had to wait centuries before being invited. But the first attackers to challenge him got the better of him, an insult that Irideus would not allow to happen again.
  • Swallowing Goliath (French translation to come): This colossus wanders the natural galleries that connect the rooms of Impregnation. In his subterranean lair, he has spawned generations of offspring who are equally adept at devouring anyone who wanders into these caverns.
  • Hajin Unshakable (French translation to follow): His anger at the Titans drove Hajin to perfect his mastery of the elements. Determined to destroy their creation, she now attacks the Hold Halls.
  • Primary tsunami (There will be a French translation)

Algeth’ar Academy (French translation to come) (in development)

  • Vexamus (French translation to come)
  • Accidental fusion
  • Crawth (French translation to come)
  • Echoes of Director Doragoza (French translation to come)

Stay tuned for more details on the official World of Warcraft website in the coming months!

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