In the local economic world, the DEBA Challenge is unforgettable. This 18th business / buyer competition awarded the innovative company BLUENAV, which won a check for 10,000 euros.

By the way, since the creation of at least 19 entrepreneurs of the region have been awarded and honored almost 280 creative talents and buyers of companies. On May 18, a jury of partners from the operation accepted all candidates for an oral presentation and discussed behind closed doors to determine the winner by category.

On Thursday, May 19, at the 120 air base in Casa, more than 200 participants, including 16 candidates of this 18th competition for business creators / buyers, celebrated their business in Bassin d’Arcachon – Le Val de l’Eyre. This year, candidates were offered 4 categories (4 prizes of € 1,500 each and a grand prize of € 8,500, which is added to € 1,500, ie € 10,000 for the grand winner). According to the evaluation of the jury chaired by Stephanie Decai-Darritschon, the winner in each category was announced during the award ceremony:

  • Category of INNOVATION and new practices with the support of SOBEBO – Mathieu CAZALETTE : bluenav (1is French manufacturer of electric motors for pleasure boats, as well as professional ships at sea and rainwater with new functionality focused on transition (including hybridization of technology or fuel), wins a prize of 1,500 euros, support for legal support without litigation (10 hours) offers CABINET d’Avocats ARGUIN and the production of a single document identifying all the professional risks of the company offering S2O.
  • The TERRITORY REACH category is sponsored by 120 Air Base : Children of the pool (creation and design of decorative or textile products or accessories, design objects and products from original illustrations, personalized or not, on the theme of Bassin d’Arcachon) win a prize of 1500 euros and audit and free support for 1 year all services provided , professional funding, finding the best funding for your projects) with ELISA VIE
  • Category of environment and sustainable development, sponsored by VIVRE LE BASSIN – Jann KRAB : LACKA FEARS (production of artisanal beer in bottles, without additives or preservatives, unfiltered with overproduction of spent brewing grain) receives a prize of 1,500 euros, Vivre le Bassin Focus, offered by VIVRE LE BASSIN, 4 south instructions to invest LATITUDE FORMATION, Optimize 360 ​​SEO, as well as support in social networks and support in transformation and development offered by La Compagnie Fiduciaire.
  • And this year the favorite of the jury for Alexis DUMONTEY is DUMONTEY-LIMOGEwho will win the digital strategy optimization offered by Optimize 360, 4 afternoon training to create a real business development strategy offered by LATITUDE FORMATION, company status creation offered by CABINET d’Avocats ARGUIN, press operation offered by BLEU GRIZZLY, his registration in Grand Pavois offered BA2E and a 12-month account maintenance fee for opening a professional account offered by Société Générale.