Borne government: Christine Lagarde would refuse to become prime minister three times

Difficult times have come for Emmanuel Macron. And yet, after his re-election on April 24 against Marine Le Pen, it was suggested that the incumbent president could easily maneuver for the next five years. But the first round of parliamentary elections on June 12, during which Nupes was left behind by Ensemble !, put the majority in an awkward position before the second round. So much so that this Tuesday, June 14, Emmanuel Macron had to make a public call to “give the country a solid majority.” But the head of state has had problems for several weeks now Gallery.

The reshuffle in the government has been announced for a long time. And not without reason, according to our colleagues, the election of the Prime Minister was the result of internal struggle. According to the source who cites Gallery, “Three weeks was hell.” The head of state would like to keep Jean Castex as prime minister, as he “did not engage in politics” and “let Macron choose” as a “workaholic”. But a new beginning was needed, and the head of state lost time. “We lost three during the six-week campaign. But during this time, Melanchon went on the offensive, “- this source still regrets. First of all, according to one of Christine Lagarde’s relatives, the current president of the ECB has resigned as prime minister three times.

Terminal, default choice?

Why? Because, according to the same relative, if Christine Lagarde left the ECB, she thought that her successor would be a Dutchman, “a hawk-follower of budget orthodoxy.” At the same time, “Macron’s team thought they could move Economy Minister Bruno Le Mer or the governor of the Banque de France […] “They don’t even know how the ECB works,” he said. Even Nicolas Sarkozy would have insisted on this option as early as 2020, when he replaced Edouard Philippe.

Macronist interviewed Gallery goes even further, believing that Alexis Kohler “charmed the president, it is impossible to stop him.” Later, on the weekend of May 7, Emmanuel Macron would be persuaded to choose Catherine Votren, a former UMP treasurer and close to Nicolas Sarkozy. The appointment with a double bet, including putting Les Républicains in your pocket in the parliamentary elections and at the same time marked the end of the party. But even if the latter was supported by Brigitte Macron, the uprising was led by Alexis Kohler, Francois Bayrou and Richard Ferrand. On May 14, Jean Castex receives Catherine Votren in Matignon to prepare for the relay, but the next day the president refuses. Elizabeth Bourne is chosen without hindrance.

What this struggle will lead to a few days before the second round of parliamentary elections remains to be seen. Although the appointment of Pap Ndiaye to National Education has caused other upheavals, many former staff members of the Dutch Five-Year Plan PS have also found good places (led by Aurelen Rousseau). Republican defectors are clearly targeting Alexis Kohler. If some hopes of living together make Alexis Kohler leave, he said Gallery, Nicolas Sarkozy would welcome a relative majority where Together! should rely on the LR group. Answer June 19.

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