Bourse de l’Aigle 2022: new content… due to the economic situation

Bourse de l’Aigle 2022 took place. But not only Bertrand refused to come because he couldn’t find fuel! This led to an event that changed from what we were used to seeing in Normandy.

There is a stock market

Professionals and other pickards should have unknown stocks. And we are not talking about stocks of spare parts, miniatures, enamel plates, books, old toys, bicycles and other bicycles. No, we’re still talking about this rare fuel since no one went missing.

The aisles were well stocked and buyers were present at the Bourse de l’Aigle 2022. All the better, let’s not forget that it is the success of the vendors that keeps them coming back for future editions and that the event will continue.

Several trades on the El 2022 exchange

We remind you that the event is organized Friends of cravings. Only this year there were significantly fewer traction drivers on site. We found an eternal car on the crane, but the license plate was not there. Even the Traction Cabriolet on the poster, in particular on the stock market of Basuzhwas not in the game!

As a result, the Simca brand was the most visible. It is so rare that it should not be forgotten! An already excellent exhibition allowed you to immerse yourself in the history of the brand in the very center of the Halle du Grû.

But the parking lots, quite well stocked with Eagle cars in previous years, contained even more Simca during this 2022 Eagle Exchange.

Even more amazingly, the DES Talbots were there! We could see Solara, Samba or the big one Tagore.

There were also more classic cars in this type of event. 2cv, DS, 203, Traction, etc. were at the Bourse de l’Aigle 2022 rendezvous. But we start the tour with curiosities, there were many cars to show. As for the young and new, the Supercinq Cabriolet Belle-Île is common, the 306 with its maxi-kit is more original!

Even in the openings, Mors showed his pre-war side, Dina Junior had doubts, as did the Lincoln Continental.

Several virgins stood out. Transformations were shown with a convertible, a coupe or a kit with English lines.

Other notable cars, some of which have already been seen in our reports in the region, and Dina-Z in the Taxi version, a pre-war Traction that still showed its passport when the station wagon displayed its spare tire ON its boot!

On the Peugeot side, we particularly noted the presence of the beautiful 201 D touring bus and the Q3A platform SUV. Road-going like the 604, sporty like the 205 GTI, or very popular and forgotten like the 305, Lionesses were diverse.

As for Renault, the 2022 Bourse de l’Aigle could see the R16 or R8, but the R12, R17 and apparently the fifty-year-old R5 were also in the running.

For other Europeans, even if the most popular of them are the most present in Aigle, Mercedes, VW, Porsche and other Americans also allowed themselves to be admired in the parking lot intended for collectors.

Finally, if you are tired of cars, you still had a moment to discover a very beautiful exhibition of more or less old tractors and all of them are wonderful.

In short, we will know the truly special Eagle Scholarship. Habits were a little turned upside down, but the aisles were full, and so were the parking spaces. Let’s hope we can stop the excitement that has been building up at these events for over two years now, and the next edition will be completely normal!

We leave with another series of photos and set a meeting for 2023.

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