Bulu City Council: deputy vote, distribution and taxes on the menu

It was in the absence of Mayor Francois Comes that the last meeting of the city council took place.

Special meeting of the city council. In fact, in the absence of Mayor Francois Comes in isolation, as a contact case, Jean-Marc Pacoule, 8th Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Works and Roads, it was Remy Taye, Director General of the Service, who took over the administrative management of the meeting. Before attacking sensitive topics, a secret ballot was held to elect a first deputy and a sixth deputy, Sylvain Riccardi Brahm and Ann Leclerc relinquished their powers.

First Deputy

After taking over the post of first deputy in accordance with the established procedure, HervĂ© Casenove did not want to take over this function and left the post of Jean-Claude Focon. “You are betraying the list offered to voters, you must not run away from your responsibilities,” said Patrick Francis of the opposition. After the vote, Jean-Claude Focon was unanimously elected First Deputy.

6th Deputy and region

As for the position of 6th Deputy, it belongs to Stephanie Puchbert, including early childhood, youth and sports. The highlight of this session was the presentation of the district’s rehabilitation project, which will house mainly tertiary, medical, paramedical activities, a cinema and some futuristic shops at the entrance to the city and the territory of Vallespir.

“It’s all very well, we are satisfied, but I would like to draw your attention to the fact that cinema is the main asset of this platform in terms of attractiveness.” emphasizes the concerned opposition to the image of Le Clos du Bois, where shops are still pending. “We would like more guarantees”. “There is no question of the town hall putting a penny,” Said Jean-Claude Focon.

Then contact the Administrative Accounts, Water Supply, Sewerage, and Funeral Directors for a report compiled and validated by Florence Shosche, the Department of Public Finance Inspector in Sera for Commune Management. investment party, “Caution, lack of visibility, life is on credit”, this is the credo of the opposition.

New pool prices

Allocation and payment of grants to city associations, as well as new prices for swimming pools were adopted unanimously with the problem of recruiting rescuers for the season. A stumbling block, the union of the direction of the tourist office of Bull with the intermunicipality of Vallespir. “Why are we in such a hurry, where will the tax on Boulou Casino go in this configuration?” The opposition asked. “22 years without raising taxes, we have no choice but to increase them,” indicates the majority, compared to the increase in direct tax rates on buildings by 5% by 40.66% instead of 38.70 and on non-construction 33.25% instead of 31.67. “It seems that now you are discovering the reality of why you said the opposite during the campaign, you needed to look at the situation in the municipality. For my part, I have never said that I will not raise rates “Patrick Frances insists. At the time, there was talk of setting up a nursing home, accommodation, medical care and permanent housing at very controlled prices in Vaills’ industrial wastelands near the northern entrance to the city, which is of general interest. Finally, the municipality is committed to provide financial support for the construction of the college, a structural facility for its residents, by selling the Department land for the future Bula College for a token euro (about 34,000 m2).

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