By drinking locally, you can make generous donations: here’s how!

In connection with the approach of Mother’s Day, we plan to pamper our loved ones and, above all, gather for delicious food to celebrate together. Some will use the crab season to taste refreshing white wine, while others will open a bottle of bubbles around a gourmet brunch!

Unfortunately, this year many will not have the funds to organize a holiday meal. More than 600,000 Quebecers turn to Quebec’s food banks every month, and the number of requests has doubled since the pandemic and inflation. That’s why from May 5 to 11, SAQ is committed to donating food to Quebec’s food banks for every Quebec product purchased in stores or online. It will also be possible to make a donation directly at the box office.

This initiative will not only allow consumers to discover delicious local products, but will also allow Food Banks of Quebec members to provide more food to those who need it. Look for Origine Québec, Prepared in Québec, and Bottled in Québec IDs in stores or online.

Let’s bake locals this month with these suggestions for every taste!

Suggestions “Origin of Quebec”.


Coteau Rougemont Side 2020

This medium-strength red wine with hints of cherry, raspberry and blackberry is the pride of Quebec wines with its fruity aromas and universal taste. A pleasant surprise from Montérégie, which will delight lovers of red wine!

Recommended setting: it is eaten with pasta in meat sauce or with a dish of grilled sausages.

SAQ code: 12204086


Potato vodka Ubald Route 363

Quebec’s line of spirits has been talked about since its launch thanks to high-quality spirits made from raw ingredients that turn into refined products. We get our hands on potato vodka, which offers a creamy texture and a delicate aroma of vanilla for a delicious taste in the mouth.

Recommended setting: in a cocktail combined with ginger beer and lime juice for a spring aperitif.

SAQ code: 14737839


Pinnacle domain

This well-known Quebec ice cider is a great product to enjoy at family gatherings! Its sweet notes of marmalade and apples are delicious as an aperitif or dessert, and will be to the taste of all tastes.

Recommended setting: it is eaten with good Quebec cheeses or served as a dessert with a scoop of ice cream. Decadent!

SAQ code: 734269


PetNat 2021 card house

This light and pleasant-tasting sparkling wine will quickly delight all guests with small bubbles and slightly sour taste. He will be the perfect ally for the celebrations with his holiday party!

Recommended setting: it is eaten as an aperitif around a plate of oysters.

SAQ code: 14562709

Offers “Prepared in Quebec”.


Orange liqueur from the Noroi Distillery plant

This cold distilled orange liqueur is a must for novice mixologists! Made from real fresh orange peels, it can be drunk on ice or in cocktails.

Recommended setting: we accompany it with gin and lavender syrup cosmopolitan creative.

SAQ code: 14455701


Aléa Vegan creme brulee

This smooth creamy drink combines notes of caramel and coffee to create a taste reminiscent of creme brulee. This is a great option for people with lactose intolerance or for vegans who are looking for a creamy liqueur for dessert!

Recommended setting: great on ice, it will be a perfect addition to a fruit plate at the end of the meal.

SAQ code: 14736828

Offer “Spilled in Quebec”.


Cliff 79 Chardonnay South East Australia

White wine with a round neck is slightly tart, it conquers our hearts with its sweet price and easy to tame notes. A real universal wine for all occasions!

Recommended setting: it will be delicious in combination with a pasta dish in a creamy sauce and seafood.

SAQ code: 11529591

From 5 to 11 May lot Quebec products on the SAQ website in support of Quebec’s food banks!

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